Every girls dream

A teenage girl, obsessed with the worldwide phenomenon one direction, attends one of their concerts and after being whisked away to meet the boys she discovers Niall's fascination for her and she goes along a journey with him, through being bombarded by paparazzi, to seeing a side of niall noone else sees, creating a strong bond between the two.


1. The beginning

I stood there surrounded by a sea of people, all in the same position as myself. Tears streaming down girls faces, ear drums being burst by the loud screaming and shouting of song lyrics. Thousands of faces looking up to the stage to see their five role models standing in front of them, this day was significant to each and everyone of us. As the concert came to an end and the boys promptly made an exit off the stage I felt a hand upon my shoulder. Turning around instantly to see a rather tall man insisting I follow him as he headed passed the crowds and into a dark room which appeared to be located at the back of where the boys had just been performing. I seemed quite hesitant to follow this unknown man but as we walked in a rather fast pace I glanced down to see a VIP lanyard hanging from his neck. All emotions and thoughts were scattering through my mind but as we entered this unknown room I was left by myself and assured that I would not be alone for long. I took a seat on a chair located in the middle of the room. A few minutes later I heard footsteps coming towards to me from the door I had just entered through. Turning around thinking it would be the man who left me here, I raised my voice saying 'what am I doing here?’ To my surprise I was extremely mistaken.

The shadow walked towards me and my heart began to pound. A squeak came out of my mouth and my hand quickly acted by covering my mouth to refrain myself from letting my emotions be expressed, embarrassingly. I stood up to see Niall standing there in front of me. I had all these words in my head that I wanted to say but in the moment I was utterly speechless. 'Hi, I..I um saw you when we were performing and I couldn't keep my eyes off you.. ' that beautiful Irish accent said to me as I stood with my mouth and eyes wide open. 'Uh me?’ I replied, shocked to think any worldwide superstar would be unable to take his eyes of someone like myself. He stood there nodding at me and gave me the sweetest smile before reaching down for my hand and leading me off out of the room. We headed through a long corridor in silence and my hand was still held tightly between his, I could have sworn I was dreaming. Finally seeing light we exited the never ending corridor and entered a room where Niall was reunited with the other boys. I couldn't believe it, I was in complete awe. In front of me stood not only Niall, but Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. At this stage I knew I had to of passed out from the heat or something and was being completely delusional. I had a blank stare upon my face and I heard Louis whisper if I was alright followed by that much loved laugh. A smile arose to my face when I realized that this was all real, and I was living not only mine, but every girls dream.

I stood back as Niall and the boys spoke for a few minutes. Before I knew it my hand was once again clenched between Niall's. He swept me away and as I turned around all the boys had a cheeky grin on their faces and waved to us as we headed off out the back into a car waiting for us. 'You know where to go', Niall said to the driver, yet I was completely confused. He looked up at me and gave me the most unforgettable smile. My eyes lit up and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach continuing to build. The car made an abrupt stop and Niall exited the car and stood outside holding the door open for me. 'Wow, what a gentleman' I thought. We walked for a few minutes in silence until seeing a breathtaking landscape in front of us. I looked out to the amazing view, the water crashing upon the sand and the beautiful sunset coming down, lighting up the sky above us. It seemed perfect. Niall sat me down and with my hand remaining between his, he began to serenade me with that much loved, beautiful voice. I could feel my hand trembling in between his, my nerves were kicking in, I didn't believe this too be real. He knelt down in front of me, reaching his hand around my hip to pull me closer to him. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to happen next and as highly unlikely and unrealistic that seemed to me, apparently it wasn't so. His other hand reached for the back of my head, whilst keeping those big, beautiful sea blue eyes locked on mine. My heart skipped a beat as he leant in romantically locking his lips with mine. In this moment I was waiting to wake up, to realize I was in a very realistic dream and this was all my imagination, but the kiss continued and after pulling his head away, his gorgeous smile lit up his face again and he insisted on seeing me again. How could I say no?
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