Every girls dream

A teenage girl, obsessed with the worldwide phenomenon one direction, attends one of their concerts and after being whisked away to meet the boys she discovers Niall's fascination for her and she goes along a journey with him, through being bombarded by paparazzi, to seeing a side of niall noone else sees, creating a strong bond between the two.


3. The beginning of a perfect night

It felt like Friday was never going to come as the week dragged on, but as it finally rolled around I shot up out of bed faster then anything to begin my day and go through the long process of working out what to wear. In times when I wanted to be completely dolled up and looking perfect, it felt like I had absolutely nothing to wear. The clothes began piling up on my floor and within a short amount of time my floor was no longer able to be seen.
"Finally!" Looking back at my reflection, I was somewhat pleased with the result. I felt ready to take on this day, with a smile on my face, heels on my feet and a prize winning dress, what else was necessary apart from the perfect boy?

My nerves were going berserk. Butterflies in my stomach, hands trembling. I honestly didn't know what I had to be nervous about, but regardless, I was. The door bell rang and off I went skipping down the hall way. Swinging back the door quickly, to my surprise Niall wasn't the guy standing in front of me.
"Oh," I said, in confusion.
This unfamiliar man grabbed my hand and lead me out off my porch to an amazing limousine waiting there out the front of my house. My jaw dropped open and I slowly continued onwards to the limo. The door opened wide for me, and as I was prompted to enter inside my face came up against the face I had been longing to see all week.

That beautiful smile I had missed, was once again in front of me. His arms wrapped around my body giving me the most warmest hug and then pulling me towards him. The car began moving and the mystery began. I had no idea where we were headed off too, but I guess that was the exciting part. After about a good hour of laughing and enjoying each others company, we arrived at the surprise destination. Exiting the vehicle and taking hold of Niall's hand, I had absolutely no idea where he had brought me. We walked up a long pathway and with a beautiful restaurant placed before us, I thought instantly this was where he had decided to take me, but as we continued to walk around the restaurant, I began to think otherwise.
"Close your eyes," he softly said to me.
I closed my eyes and slowly walked forward following Niall's quiet whispers assuring me he wasn't going to lead me off a cliff.
"You can open your eyes now."
My heart stopped, I didn't for a minute believe what I was looking at. I was completely breath taken.
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