Every girls dream

A teenage girl, obsessed with the worldwide phenomenon one direction, attends one of their concerts and after being whisked away to meet the boys she discovers Niall's fascination for her and she goes along a journey with him, through being bombarded by paparazzi, to seeing a side of niall noone else sees, creating a strong bond between the two.


4. Sea of roses

A sea of roses laid before me, structured in what seemed like an infinite path leading towards pure happiness. Niall grasped my hand and whisked me off down the bed of roses into the most elegant of sites. Within a widespread gazebo, embodied with scented candles and hanging lights, I was unable to move. For what seemed like an eternity, my heart was frozen, almost as if it had been captured and concealed by the most beautiful human being before me. My jaw swung open as my eyes gazed the romantic scene. 

‘Andrea...’ I heard, jumbled between millions of thoughts scattering through my head.  My reply seemed to almost confuse Niall, but he was in complete awe from my reaction to his well thought through date.

His hand wrapped around my waist and he led me toward the antique garden table placed within the center of the gazebo. Giddying ahead of me, he pulled my chair out and insisted I take a seat. He’s warm hand did not let go of mine, as he struggled in an attempt to retrieve something from underneath the table…


Red. Red. Red.

A bouquet of flowers, which I could have sworn were almost the size of me were sprung from underneath my feet. Niall gazed up into my eyes as he released the extraordinary bunch of roses into my shaking hands. A smile took over my face and as my cheeks reddened, I turned my head away from Niall’s. ‘Andrea, I take it you like the flowers?’ he giggled. He was not one bit wrong with that statement. I was completely and absolutely in love. But I was yet to understand what exactly I was in love with… the fact that, yes I was having the most romantic and extravagant dinner with one of the most well-known pop-stars, or that I was being completely and utterly whisked away by someone who only tried to impress and caress me. He was a dream to say the least. Those crooked teeth, made up the most beautiful smile. His rugged hair, made for the most effortless beauty, yet he saw beauty in me (How? I was yet to understand.) 

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