Nobody Compares To You

Elodie May Jensen is just your average teenager from a small town in Michigan in the US. even though she is adopted, she leads a normal life. Her adoptive parents just died in a car crash and she is going to live with her brother who she didnt even know she existed, and it'll be a big suprise when she arrives because no one told her he was Niall James Horan. How will all the lads react, will one of them fall for her?


23. The boys trust Harry

Harry's POV
We arrived back at the house and Niall disappeared while Lou carried Elodie upstairs to bed. A few seconds later the boys, all of them, walked in wearing grins. They came and sat at the table with me, Liam shut the door to the kitchen behind us and locked it. Their was a bit of awkward silence with everyone looking somewhere else, I looked at the ground, Liam the ceiling, Lou his hands, Niall the fridge, and Zayn his microphone tattoo. I cleared my throat and everyone's attention snapped to me, "any particular reason you all locked me in the kitchen with you, or in the closet with Elodie? Answer which ever one won't make me angry." No one spoke for a good 10 seconds until surprisingly Liam did, "Look Hazza we all know you and Elodie like each other, and well erm, boys help me out here..." Niall starts talking "We all want you to be with Elodie, although you don't have a good past with staying with a girl for too long, we trust you with Elodie, even I do. So we devised a plan to get her to realize her feeling for you."

Louis' POV
After Niall told Harry all of the details we got up got to work, Niall and I left with Harry, and Zayn and Liam stayed with Ellie, this is going to one fun night.
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