Nobody Compares To You

Elodie May Jensen is just your average teenager from a small town in Michigan in the US. even though she is adopted, she leads a normal life. Her adoptive parents just died in a car crash and she is going to live with her brother who she didnt even know she existed, and it'll be a big suprise when she arrives because no one told her he was Niall James Horan. How will all the lads react, will one of them fall for her?


12. Over Dinner

Elodie's POV
Because we had Maura and Greg with us for dinner, there was a shortage of one seat. Everyone scrambled for a seat, and lucky me, I had to be the one to sit on someone. Mom gestured for me to sit, and the closest seat to the door held the one and only Harry Styles, I awkwardly placed myslef on the edge of his lap. Only to shiver feeling his arms slither around my waist pulling me closer to him, and whispering hello in my ear, absentmindedly turning me on. I felt a blush creep up to my cheeks causing Louis to nunge Niall, who winked at me. Great times in this here limo... Are you sensing the sarcasm?

Harry POV
I wrap my arms around Elodie pulling her onto my lap, seductivly whispering hello into her ear feeling her squirm I smile knowing I make her feel uncomfirtable. We arrive at the restaurant, Nandos of course, it wouldn't be a Horan dinner without Nandos. Everyone knows that I always sit at the back of the booth, so I naturally slid in but hit something when I was almost completely to the back and I looked up to see Elodie. She tried to get out of the booth but Niall slid in next to her so she was trapped, and I got to sit next to her through dinner. The waiter came over, and I could tell he was a real prick. He asked Elodie what she wanted FIRST which pissed Niall off to no end, everyone at Nandos knows him, and ALWAYS asks him first. So Niall decides to make a scene, he stands up and says really loud, "Hello, I'm right here you little slime," The waiter ignored him, Niall's face got extremely red with anger, and he looked at the waiters name tag which said Brennan, "Hello, Brennan?" the waiter turned to Niall and said what? Niall just looked him in the eyes and said his order, the kid wrote it down and turned back to Elodie. So princess what would you like? I reached over under the table and set my hand on her leg protectively squeezing it, causing her to gasp slightly. He asked again this time calling her sexy to which I squeezed her leg harder, and she suprised me by taking my hand to calm me down. Elodie ordered and so did everyone else and the little slimeball of a waiter left. She let go of my hand and crawled under the table saying she needed to go to the bathroom. Maura looked worried and I said I would follow her to make sure the waiter didn't touch her. As I neared the loo I hear Elodie telling someone to stop, and I turn the corner to see the waiter feeling her up and trying to take her dress off. I walked over and punched him in the face and grabbed Elodie pulling her into the loo to clean her up. I lock the bathroom door and it down on the ground against the wall and she sits on me straddling me, not even realizing how much she turned me on sitting like that. I asked her what he did to her and she whimpered and took a deep breathe whispering that he had felt her up, fingered her and tried to take her clothes off. After saying that, she fell into me crying, and then asked if I could take her home, so everyone else could still enjoy their dinners. I said yes and text Niall saying that I was taking Elodie home because she didn't feel well, and he said ok. So we left and I laughed when I saw the waiter was still passed out on the floor, I just left him there and carried a still crying Elodie to the second limo I had called for practically prying her off me so I could buckle me and her into the car. Only to have her clamber back onto my lap wrapping herself around me sobs still wracking through her body, I played with her hair as she fell asleep on top of me. When we got home I carried her to the guest room she was staying in, and started to leave to go to mine but I was pulled back into the room by the back of my shirt. As I layed down she wrapped herself around me and muttered a thank you before snuggling into me and drifting off to sleep, and I followed suite putting my face in her neck and falling into a dreamless sleep.

I'm real proud of this chappy and it's really long too :)
Love yooos -Miranda
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