Nobody Compares To You

Elodie May Jensen is just your average teenager from a small town in Michigan in the US. even though she is adopted, she leads a normal life. Her adoptive parents just died in a car crash and she is going to live with her brother who she didnt even know she existed, and it'll be a big suprise when she arrives because no one told her he was Niall James Horan. How will all the lads react, will one of them fall for her?


19. I Find Out

Elodie's POV
I walk back to the studio room and walk in hearing the end of Harry's sentence. "Is our new opening act!" I decided to mess with him and ask " I'M your new what?" He quickly said goodbye to the boys and hung up. Harry looked up at me and started talking.

Harry's POV
I decided to lie to Elodie even though I knew that only the truth could set you free, meaning I would eventually have to tell her the truth. So I started telling her a line of crap " You? You're just coming with us silly goosey! You see um, our um, you know me and the lads good friend from X-Factor Cher has just told Uncle Simon and Paul she would open for us! Isn't that just the greatest?" I crossed my fingers behing my back, both for the lie and to hope she bought my story. She smiled and nodded sending a jolt of relief through me. I smiled back at her and suddenly she hugged me and whispered in my ear "Hazza. It is ok if I call you that right?" I nodded and she continued, "I just want to thank you for staying here with me this morning and just kinda everything you've done for me since I got here. Also, you are nothing at all what my mom and Greggy said you were." I pulled away and gave her a strange look, she looked down and mumbled a string of words. I grabbed her chin and looked into her eyes and she sighed and reluctantly told me what they said, "Well, Mummy and Greg pulled me aside the other night and told me to watch you carefully because even though they trust you more than Niall and love like a son or brother in Gregs case. That they just didnt trust you with girls because you were a known player, but I don't see it and disagree... So far, so don't get on my bad side." We hugged again and I relished in the fact I was holding her, but we soon broke apart as the boys and the rest of the Horan clan (Haha that rhymed "Horan Clan") crashed through the door and engulfed us in a hug shouting congradulations. Well shit, I'm screwed...

Elodie's POV
As everyone told me Congrats I confusedand decided to make a funny about it " I'm so glad you all aren't mad, I knew you would support us, and to let you know, *fake sob* it's a boy, his name is gonna be Johan Rufus Styles..." Well that shut them up. Suddenly i bust out laughing and so does everyone else, I decide to go all serious again " No really why are you congraduating me?" Niall and Louis shout together "You bebz is our new opening act!!!!!" I can't belive Harry would lie to me I glare at him and storm off leaving everyone else confused.

Sorry it took so long I hope my wifi doesn't decide to suddenly become a bitch of cookies any time soon bc if it does i will personally murder my laptop! On that happy note enjoy my little snowflakes :) I might have Niall or MAYBE Liam get a gf in this soon. Liam is a big MAYBE bc I miss Payzer and don't want to cry while writing... so I'll update soon enough bye bye for now princesses or princes :)
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