Nobody Compares To You

Elodie May Jensen is just your average teenager from a small town in Michigan in the US. even though she is adopted, she leads a normal life. Her adoptive parents just died in a car crash and she is going to live with her brother who she didnt even know she existed, and it'll be a big suprise when she arrives because no one told her he was Niall James Horan. How will all the lads react, will one of them fall for her?


22. How Many Hours Does it Take To Forgive and Forget

A/N This happened to me once, I was mad at my cousin (he is like my best friend) and so my parents locked us in the closet until I forgave him, it was about 3 hours...

Elodie's POV
Why did I fell so cramped I opened my eyes, and just about screamed tere was a stranger lying next to me, oh wait it was Harry. It seemed like we were trapped in some sort of extremely small compartment, or a closet... I found the light switch and recognized my clothes, yep defintly a closet. Great.

Harry's POV
An extremely bright light flicked on awakening me from and uncomfortable sleep. I feel as though my head had been hit by a brick numerous times. (Which makes sense because Lou dragged him off the couch and up the stairs, but Harry doesn't know that) I look over and see an absolutly seething Elodie, "Harry Edward Styles, I swear to all the cats in this world that if you are the person who locked us in here I will personally organize the destroying of your car." I looked at her in utter shock, no one had ever spoke like that to me before, even my mom. I slowly begin to speak, "I Harry Edward Styles, swear on my cat, that I didn't lock us in here." Elodie looked freaked out so I gave her a questioning look,"What?"

Elodie's POV
As Harry talks I realize he has blood all over the back of his head and that it is running down his neck. "What?" He asks when I give him a worried look "Harry, you're bleeding." He starts to freak out " Oh my gosh, what if a teenage-apper took controll over the house, and trapped us in here and tried to kill me but I survived, and Oh no I bet Louis cocked and attitude and he was already killed..."

Harry's POV
I freak out and start bnging on the door, I start to feel dizzy and slump against the door......

Elodie's POV
Harry slumps against the door and I hear footsteps, and Niall's voice, "So Ellie did you forgive him?" I yell "Yes, and who ever carried him in here hit his hapead and he was leeding and now he passed out!!!!" The door flies open and Niall and Louis carry Harry (rhymes!) to the car I jump in and ask how long we were in the closet for, Lou says just under 4 hours. We get to the hospital and the nurses take Harry. We all sit in the waiting room til the doctor says we can take Harry home, because he just had low blood sugar. I mean he hadn't eaten in 2 days. The doctor also said that he sewed up his head and that the stitches were dissolvents. We left with the hospital and I fell asleep on Harry in the backseat.

Harry's POV
Elodie fell asleep on me and Niall flipped the mirror down and said " Boy, it's time you and I had a talk about how you are going to win my sister back..." Then he smiled

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