Nobody Compares To You

Elodie May Jensen is just your average teenager from a small town in Michigan in the US. even though she is adopted, she leads a normal life. Her adoptive parents just died in a car crash and she is going to live with her brother who she didnt even know she existed, and it'll be a big suprise when she arrives because no one told her he was Niall James Horan. How will all the lads react, will one of them fall for her?


1. Elodie May Jensen

my name is Elodie May Jensen and Iam an only child, not to mention adopted and homeschooled. My parents were overprotective so i had no friends either, notice how i said they WERE overprotective. They died last week in a car crash, now I'm going to live with the brother i never knew i had and he doesnt know I'm coming so it should be interesting. Welp i need to board my plane now, bye!

looks- curly blonde hair (natural color and curl) with blue eyes.
- like 5 ft 2''
-really skinny but loves to eat

- food- pasta
- animal-cat
-singer- Ed Sheeran
-tv show- Victorious
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