I Will Wait

I'm Violet Evergreen, but all my friends call me Red. Yeah yeah, I have a funny name. Only teachers and parents call me Violet. But this summer, its not about school, because none of my friends landed themselves a place in summer school. Anyways, this summer there will be an adventure. Not just to the creek out back, but a long one. It will start at my place, 1PM Saturday, and we're not sure when it will end, but just remember that I will wait.


3. Chapter Two

This summer, we are all going to Hudson's mansion (it's almost like an olden castle) to stay in one of the many guest rooms.

Hudson has searched since the Christmas holidays for the perfect room for us to stay in.

You see, we always start preparing for the Summer holidays as soon as the Christmas break is over.

Anyways, the room we're staying in has two beds (which unfortunately means we have to share (Hey, all the other rooms where booked (His parents own a B&B))), an ensuite, and one of the best views in the town.

I have most of my things packed, and all I need to pack now is my toiletries (Just because I hang out with boys doesn't mean I'm not, in my heart, a girl now, does it?), and my essential adventure stuff that I bring with me every summer.

I called Huddy and said that I would be over in a sec and threw on my jeans and a short-sleeved T-Shirt and put on red Converse for luck.

I rode my bike down with my back pack on my back and my duffel full of my pillow and sleeping bag on my shoulder.

I reached Huddy's place in record time, as I was eager to get this Summer started.

"Huddy, it's been ages!" I said.

"Yeah, with me at Oxford and you at Belle Academy" he said

"Chris!" Hudson exclaimed. They both went to the same school, so they were easily the closest, even though me and Gordy went to Belle, we weren't as close.

"Hey guys!" He said cheerfully, "Where's Gordy?" He asked.

"He hasn't arrived yet" I replied. Chris was most attractive and had a likeable personality, that's why most girls in my school had a crush on him even though he went to a different school. They always call me lucky, but I am really far from it.

"Guys, I uuh" Gordy wheezed, as he stumbled onto Huddy's front step.

"What's the story kiddo" Chris asked. He was the oldest out of all of us, too.

"I brought party food" he wheezed.

"Okay, let's get upstairs" Huddy said. Even though he was the richets, he was definitely NOT snobby at all.

He showed us to room number 102, which just happened to be my favourite number, and we all put our stuff down.

"Now, since there are only two beds, Chris and I will be sharing, and Red and Gordy will be sharing." I know it sounds a bit icky, but I have shared beds with all these boys at least once. I have a strong stomach.

A very strong stomach.
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