I Will Wait

I'm Violet Evergreen, but all my friends call me Red. Yeah yeah, I have a funny name. Only teachers and parents call me Violet. But this summer, its not about school, because none of my friends landed themselves a place in summer school. Anyways, this summer there will be an adventure. Not just to the creek out back, but a long one. It will start at my place, 1PM Saturday, and we're not sure when it will end, but just remember that I will wait.


2. Chapter One

"Oh Gawd Red, you've gotta see this!" Gordy said.
Gordy was plump, with a buzz cut and no neck at all.

He stumbled into our treehouse with Hudson, and immediately started wheezing (he has asthma) and Hudson started to explain.

"It was just a joke, but then when he actually-- Wow, I didn't think he'd do it!"

"Do what?" I demanded.

"Mr. Douglas, he, he"

"Come on, spit it out!"

"He poured orange juice all over himself, on a hot day like this" they burst out in laughter. I thought it would something much more important by the way they said it.

But I guess that was just how he was. How we all where. I'm always unsure of Gordy, like that time he stole my milk money as a joke, but I guess he's okay.

I guess it's Chris I should be worried about.

But I really should start with me.

I am Violet Evergreen, 12 years old and all my friends call me Red. Only teachers and parents call me Violet.

My parents only care about my sister, Indigo, and her friends, and whenever the subject of my friend comes up mum will say something like ' Why can't you have friends like Indigo's and Indie just sits there like an angel. It disgusts me.

My other sister, Scarlet, lives in New York so we don't usually talk about her, unless we're planning a trip to NYC. She runs a top-notch law firm, and we don't usually get involved in her day-to-day routine.

Anyways, Chris is ALWAYS getting into fights with people, especially his brother. He is a nice guy, and can usually contain his anger, but sometimes he just gets pushed to the edge.

Other than that, he is usually the peacemaker in our little foursome.

We are always going off on our own little adventures.

It's actually really fun!

Like last summer, we went out the back of my house and stayed in the bunyip caves until we got so spooked that we had to go back to my house and have 'therapy' (Hot cocoa and electric blankets) until we stopped seeing things.

And the summer before that, we actually rode out bikes down to the high school and slept there.

The point is that we always have fun summers, especially when we're together.

And at the end of each summer, our last words to each other are 'I Will Wait'.

I am so exited for this story!
Unlike my other story's, this is NOT a fanfic and I will update regularly.
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And just enjoy the story!
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