Stating the Obvious

Obviously i've never done this before, the sneaking out, lying, drinking, and all the other typical teenage stuff. But of course i would meet my match at a concert, when my friends made me hide in a garbage can, just to see your face for five seconds. Turns out i won the lottery, so now what? Expect me to fall in love with you? Not to break your heart, Harry Styles, but i don't date guys like you but then again that's what i thought.


2. You again

"You seem to get hit with doors a lot." The curly haired boy from earlier stated sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and stepped around him and into my building. Without any luck he followed me. "Wait, i didn't even say sorry yet." I stopped in my tracks then turned to face him, awaiting his apology. "Well, go on..." i encouraged him.

"I have a fantastic idea, how about you go to lunch with me tomorrow so i can make up for hitting you with a door." Groaning i crossed my arms over my chest. "That's not exactly an apology, but furthermore i would but my unicorn just got the measles, so i'm going to have to decline the lunch invitation." Turning to leave i felt a strong hand grab my arm. 

"Okay now your being unfair, just one lunch date then we can vow never to see each other again." Curly looked into my eyes and i swore i saw some type of sincerity in them. Letting out a sigh i agreed, "Fine, but please no more hitting me with a door, and what's your name exactly?" He slapped his forehead then smiled. "Oops i guess we missed the first step of meeting someone properly, but i'm Harry and you are?" I smirked trying to be mysterious, which i failed at. "Renee, now if you excuse me i'd like to get some medicine for my aching forehead."

Harry let go of my arm which i hadn't noticed he was still holding, and let me make my way to the elevator. "I'll pick you up at noon tomorrow, and you can't back out!" I heard him shout from behind me. "i wouldn't count on it!" Simply waving once i stepped into the elevator letting the doors close. Now completely alone i slumped against the wall. What have i gotten myself into? 

Once into my apartment i grabbed some aspirin, a bag of ice, and a water bottle from the kitchen. After i had my essentials i made my way to my bedroom. Quickly i slipped out of my clothes and into some sweats and a t-shirt. "That's more like it." I sighed. Easing my self into bed i swallowed the aspirin with some water then placed the bag of eyes on my forehead. One question left unanswered appeared in my mind. 'Why was Harry at my apartment building anyways?' I shrugged to answer myself and decided on asking him tomorrow. 


Sun shone through the window forcing me to open my sleepy eyes. There was still a slight pain coming from my forehead but i ignored as i made me a bowl of cereal, Cap'n Crunch to be exact. after i poured the cereal i took my bowl into the living room to watch my morning cartoons. Ed, Edd, n Eddy was on which surprised because this show was popular when i was a kid. I guess their throwing it back to the 90's, but i wouldn't complain.

My phone buzzed with a text from Whitney, one of my other close friends. 

Whitney- "Val, told me about what happened last night, so tell me how does it feel to be the girl One Direction hit with a door? ;)"

I groaned and replied...

To: Whitney- "Ha. Very funny. Just so you know i'm not in a coma, thanks for asking. But it hurt really bad and now i have to go on a stupid lunch date with Harry. Ugh... Kill me now." 

After sending that text it took 2 seconds for my phone to start ringing. "You have to spill, how did you land a date with Harry Styles?" Whitney shouted through the phone making me wince at the loud noise. How do i explain that he hit me with a door and forced me into lunch with him, it sounds insanely crazy. 

"Well, after they hit me with a door i went home and then i got hit with another door; however, i'm still alive if you were wondering. But turns out Harry hit me with the door and then asked me to lunch." I left out the part where i was forced into this. Silence was the only thing that came from the opposite end of the phone call. 

"Whit? Did you die?" I asked trying to get a response. I didn't think telling her this would make her freak because she wasn't a huge Directioner like Val. Out of no where there was a loud squeal followed my laughing coming from the phone. "You're so lucky. When is y'alls date?" Whitney returned to normal after her squealing fest. 

I looked at the time, it was 11:30. "Shit! Whit, i gotta go get ready Harry will be here in half an hour!" Before hanging up i heard her rush to say good luck then i left my phone on the coffee table to go get dressed. 

Deciding on wearing my acid wash jeans with my sweatshirt that had POW! written on the front and to top it off i wore my black high-top converse. Hurriedly i straightened my blonde hair and managed to create a natural make-up look on my face. Finally i sprinced some Sweet Pea Perfume on and was ready to go. 

Soon enough there was a knock on my door. For some odd reasons butterflies fluttered in my stomach as i opened the door. 'Chill Renee, It's only lunch and you don't even like this guy.'


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