Stating the Obvious

Obviously i've never done this before, the sneaking out, lying, drinking, and all the other typical teenage stuff. But of course i would meet my match at a concert, when my friends made me hide in a garbage can, just to see your face for five seconds. Turns out i won the lottery, so now what? Expect me to fall in love with you? Not to break your heart, Harry Styles, but i don't date guys like you but then again that's what i thought.


1. This Stinks, Literally.

"Tell me again why you're dragging me along to hide out in some garbage cans?" I asked in annoyance as Valerie, pulled me along the damp streets of Manhattan. She groaned, but kept trudging on towards her destination. A few more blocks and we would be there. Where you might ask? Madison Square garden, which happens to be the place where the world's largest boy band is performing, and Valerie couldn't miss the opportunity to meet her "true love" Zayn Malik. So, as dreamed of we are going to hide in garbage cans outside of the place they should be exiting the concert from, and you guessed it i'm not particularly fond of this plan. 

"Just hop into that bin over there and when we here the sound of voices spoken from music gods we pop out and meet them face to face." Valerie retold her plan to me. It was nearing the end of the concert so i checked out the garbage bin that i would be in. Slime covered the walls and it ranked of week old tuna fish. I gagged and covered my nose. "No way, i'm not doing this. Sorry, but this is crazy." Admitting defeat i started to walk away from Valerie and the garbage cans. 

"You can't just leave. What about the plan, i thought we were bestfriends." Valerie said quietly with disappointment in her voice. "Alright, Alright, Only for you will i ever do anything like this, but you owe me!" She squealed the returned to her garbage can, anxiously awaiting the boys to come. I chuckled then started to head over to my bin. Crossing the door, once again, i heard male voices. "Shit!" I muttered sprinting to the nearest garbage can. Apparently, i wasn't paying attention to wear i was going because two seconds late i was lying on the cold hard ground with an ache coming from my forehead. 

"That was the most awesomest thing i've ever done in my life!" I watched as a blonde guy ran outside into the cold, not noticing me at all. "I agree with Niall, coolest thing ever!" A slightly bald guy followed the blonde's lead. No one still noticed me. I mean if i knocked someone unconscious with a door, i most likely noticed either the blood on the ground or a body laying a few feet from me. Plus, where the hell is Valerie she should've popped out by now. 

"Woah, guys check this out, a fan with a head the size of a orange." A guy in stripes looked intently at the bump forming on my forehead. "1st of all i'm not a fan, and 2nd you're the one who gave me this bruise." As i spoke another 2 attractive guys came out from the building followed by security guards. "I don't recall, ever hurting you." Stripey Boy stated rubbing his chin. I glare at him, with my 'are you fucking kidding me' look. "How could you not even notice hitting me with the freaking door!" 

By this point i was standing, clearly aggravated. Intimidated Stripey Boy backed away letting a tall boy with curly hair take his place. "There's no need for the attitude, now we apologize for this little mix up but you're still alive, so all is well." My jaw dropped into an 'O' Shape. I didn't know some people could be so insensitive, and heartless. They could have given me a concussion or i could be in a coma. Just about to open my mouth to say something incredibly rude, Valerie popped up from the trash bin behind the guy with the tattoos, who i recognized as Zayn. 

I watched in amusement as she pounced on his back squealing and hugging all at the same time. This went on for 2 seconds until a large man pried her off of him and carried her to me. "Is she with you?" I nodded and he placed her down next to me. She resisted the hold i had on her arm but i kept a tight grip. Returning my attention to Curly i said, "Well, i should be going, but if i die expect to be sued." Curly flashed a cheeky smile while all of the other boys stared in disbelief. With my head throbbing i dragged Valerie away from them. 

When we were a whole block away from the disastrous back door of Madison Square Garden i finally released my hold on Valerie. "Renee! You messed up the whole plan, this is all your fault." She yelled at me after snapping out of her trance. "My fault? You're the one who came up with the stupid idea in the first place! I got hit with a heavy metal door, and you're precious boys didn't take any notice. Last time i ever do anything for you." I stated angrily. Frankly, i was pissed off, not to mention i'm tired with a huge headache. Valerie stopped walking in the same direction as me and turned the opposite way. 

"Val, where are you going?" I asked as i turned around to look at her walking away. "Going somewhere that doesn't have you there to mess everything up and where someone who actually cares about helping me!" Mentally i slapped her, twice. Typical Valerie, always making up useless drama, this time i won't fall down to my knees to stop her. "Have fun finding a place like that!" Fed up with dealing with this bullshit i headed to my apartment, which happened to be just around the corner. 

Again i wasn't paying attention and i ran straight into the glass door of my building. "God Damn it!" I winced as more pain hit the bump on my forehead. After regaining what little strength i had left for the night i looked up to find the culprit. "You've got to be kidding me?" 

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