The Real Me (a Niall Horan Love Story)

Niall Horan's mum is forcing him to go back to high school. Too bad he's already famous. He has to disguise himself as "Dustin Herbert" everyday so no one will know who he is... but when Blayze Kenzy meets him, will she find out all his secrets, including who he really is?


1. New School, New Me

  First I had to put on the itchy brown wig. Yes, I had to wear a wig. Then I had to put in my contacts: brown. Then my make up manager showed me how to dust a little bit of blush over my cheeks and make me look redder than usual. When did I turn into a girl?

  Sometimes it sucks to be famous. Like now. Mum is making me go back to high school to finish, and management thinks it's actually a good idea! They call it "an experiment". I call it a nightmare. Why can't I just hang out with the other lads all day?

  "Time to go! You can drive yourself," Mum said, slapping my butt on the way out the door. "Why are you making me do this..." I groaned. She just smiled.

  I grabbed the keys to my car. It wasn't expensive or flashy, so I wouldn't stick out. And then I drove myself to Mable High School.

  MHS was your typical high school. Kids lurked outside, and some were even smoking. How did they not get caught? Whatever. I just had to worry about where I was going to fit in.

  I grabbed the snapback laying on the passenger seat and placed it on my head, covering my itchy wig. Did I really need a wig? I could have just let my hair go back to it's natural color.

  I parked, and that's when I got out and walked straight into hell.

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