Thirst for love

''Can you answer some questions for me?'' she said looking me in the eyes.


"You don't even sparkle?"

''Really?" I asked

''Fine. Your powers?"

"Seduction, crazy strength, and almost nothing can kill us.''

''What can?''


''But isn't lead in blood?"

''Well like a straight up.''

''Who has like straight up lead?" She asked laughing a little.

''Vampire Hunters.''

they're real and it's not funny they could kill us in a minute. You may not be one of us..yet but they'll kill you if they get a chance. " he said sighing "But I won't let them." He mumbled

What happens when Emma finds out One Direction's biggest secret. Will she fall for one or try to kill them? Or will she be the one to get killed?


25. Try Hard

A/N Do you guys like the name of the chappie? Try Hard. 5SOS is amazing anyways here you go enjoy: Try Hard

Emma's P.O.V:

"Are the boys really that rude. Actually never mind I've already figured that out." I laughed. Max was telling me what happened when they first met. Jerks, but it doesn't surprise me.

"Yea. I mean a lot of people hate us and I don't even know why." Max sighed

"Well, this is what happened to me: The boys didn't like you so I didn't like you.

"Oh. It's funny how the boys are so...secretive. Don't you agree?"

"Completely." I mumbled "Well I should get going." I sighed

"Right. Well hopefully I'll see you soon love."

Louis P.O.V:





All the girls were screaming at me. I'm going to get so much hate from everyone. They all hate me.

"You're just like Harry!"

"So predictable!"

"What did she see in you?!"

"Typical boy!"

"Man whore!"

"Look! What do you want me to do?! I apologized I even cried! What can I do?" I screamed

"Die in a fire." Alia whispered

"Are you asking for pity?" Ashely spat

"No- I don't know! I just want Emma." I sobbed

"You probably want that bar slut to." Keri said

No I just want Emma.

Emma's P.O.V:

I unlocked the door to the house and saw the girls fighting with Louis.

"Louis my room now." I said walking up the stairs

Louis joined me and shut the door.

"Emma I-"

"I don't want an apology. We should just talk."

"About what?" Louis frowned

"We're vampires Louis! I don't know why don't we talk about the day I went to the hospital! Or the day of the concert, or yesterday night?!" I yelled "We could talk about why you lied to me." I whispered

"Lou!" I heard Harry yell

"Harry!" Shell screamed I could hear the anger in her voice.

We're all about to get into fights.

"I'll tell you everything." Louis mumbled

"About yesterday night?"

"About everything."

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