Thirst for love

''Can you answer some questions for me?'' she said looking me in the eyes.


"You don't even sparkle?"

''Really?" I asked

''Fine. Your powers?"

"Seduction, crazy strength, and almost nothing can kill us.''

''What can?''


''But isn't lead in blood?"

''Well like a straight up.''

''Who has like straight up lead?" She asked laughing a little.

''Vampire Hunters.''

they're real and it's not funny they could kill us in a minute. You may not be one of us..yet but they'll kill you if they get a chance. " he said sighing "But I won't let them." He mumbled

What happens when Emma finds out One Direction's biggest secret. Will she fall for one or try to kill them? Or will she be the one to get killed?


2. The Concert pt. 2

A/N so pt.1 was more of a practice run but this one is going to be longer. Emma's P.O.V. The concert was amazing I said in my head. " Time to go backstage...and meet One Direction!!!" I whispered screamed. I had so much fun and the boys signed my cd. When I looked at my cd I saw notes from all the guys with their phone numbers. I sighed. I was getting ready to get into my car when I heard a scream. I thought it was a girl still in shock about the concert. "Maybe Ashely was right" I sighed. But then I heard it again but it was filled with terror. I followed the sound into an alley. My jaw almost hit the ground. I saw a girl tied to a table surrounded by Louis,Zayn,Niall, and Liam. All the boys bit into her. "Ugh disgusting!" Niall said in disgust. "I'd rather eat a pine cone!" said Zayn. "Last time you pick the meal Louis" said Liam. "Whatever... you guys remember that girl that went backstage...?" Louis asked. "Yeah" all the boys said in union. "Well lets go after her." I quickly ran back into the parking lot. Ha fooled them. Then I ran into someone. "Owww" I said. "Hi Emma".
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