Thirst for love

''Can you answer some questions for me?'' she said looking me in the eyes.


"You don't even sparkle?"

''Really?" I asked

''Fine. Your powers?"

"Seduction, crazy strength, and almost nothing can kill us.''

''What can?''


''But isn't lead in blood?"

''Well like a straight up.''

''Who has like straight up lead?" She asked laughing a little.

''Vampire Hunters.''

they're real and it's not funny they could kill us in a minute. You may not be one of us..yet but they'll kill you if they get a chance. " he said sighing "But I won't let them." He mumbled

What happens when Emma finds out One Direction's biggest secret. Will she fall for one or try to kill them? Or will she be the one to get killed?


5. Maybe I Want To

A/N Guys I'm SO sorry! I'll try to update as much as possible. I swear I'll update A LOT to repay you for liking and reading a surprise is coming so...yeah thanks for reading.

Emma's P.O.V: 

As the boys came down I gave them all death glares.

"So I see you're happy." Louis said

"Oh yeah so happy. I'm really happy that five guys turned me into Kristen Stewart." I said rolling my eyes.

"Well technially you're not one of us..yet." Liam said 

"That's REALLY reassuring thank you. Okay so enough with trying to make me feel 'welcome' but is anyone going to tell me why I'm being held captive and why I look like freaking Kristen Stewart?!" I said flinging my arms in the air.

"One stop calling yourself Kristen Stewart. Two you ARE NOT one of us. Three you know to much you could go out and tell your little friends who might go out and tell TMZ or someone." Zay-Ski Slope said.

"Like  boring said YET. My only friend hates you like wants to kill you hate and who the hell would belive One Direction a.k.a the biggest boyband on the planet are vampire's?!" I screamed. They all looked at me then at each other then at me again.

"Can you stop with all the staring and tell me what the hell is going on." Everyone went upstairs but Harry the man whore maybe I should call him that...

"You'll be able to go out..."

"Thank Go-"

"But you live here know." Great.

"Can I hang out with friends?''

"I thought you only had one."

"Well yeah kinda she's my best friend the others are good fr-"

"I don't care." He said walking up the stairs.

"Yeah...that just means I'm going to annoy you the most."

"Maybe I want to be annoyed." 


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