Thirst for love

''Can you answer some questions for me?'' she said looking me in the eyes.


"You don't even sparkle?"

''Really?" I asked

''Fine. Your powers?"

"Seduction, crazy strength, and almost nothing can kill us.''

''What can?''


''But isn't lead in blood?"

''Well like a straight up.''

''Who has like straight up lead?" She asked laughing a little.

''Vampire Hunters.''

they're real and it's not funny they could kill us in a minute. You may not be one of us..yet but they'll kill you if they get a chance. " he said sighing "But I won't let them." He mumbled

What happens when Emma finds out One Direction's biggest secret. Will she fall for one or try to kill them? Or will she be the one to get killed?


22. Boys Night Out pt.2

A/N ok so that chappie wasn't +16 but this one is so...Anyways 2K VIEWS GUUUUYSSSSS THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

( Club:

Lisa a.k.a sluty bar girl:

important lake )

Okay now enjoy the chappie :)


Louis' P.O.V:

The line at the club was long and we could see celebrities everywhere.

"Dude look it's Miley Cyrus." Zayn pointed

"Stay away." I sighed

"Well Well Well if it isn't One Direction" We turned around. The Wanted

"What do you want?" I spat

"Heard that you got a new girlfriend...or maybe she's just a new slut. Remember Eleanor?" Max smirked.

I grew angry how dare he bring her up. It was about 200 years ago Max compulsed her into believing he was her boyfriend. He "cooked'' her a meal but laced it with lead. She was missing her 24 years (important number). I found her in a forest, well she was in a lake in a forest but that doesn't matter he killed the love of my life.

"Fuck off asshole." I said walking inside

Emma's P.O.V:

I watched as Alia and Ash pat Shell on the back as she cried about Harry

"That asshole!" She cried

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have told you." I sighed combing my fingers through my hair

"No. I'm glad you did. He's an asshole and he deserves to know it."

"Shell, I think a lot of girls have told him that." Ash laughed

"Ash?!" Alia hissed

"What? It's probably true. Even I know that he's a womanizer, man whore, user, a bitch, a motherfu-"

"Ash?!" Alia and I hissed

"No she's right. Everything you said Ash is completely true." She'll sighed wiping her face.

"See! Someone thinks I'm right!"

"Whatever." Alia said

Louis P.O.V:

I don't know what's happening. Harry's fucking a girl. Zayn is dancing with Liam and some other people. Niall is very drunk. And I think I'm about to go home with a girl.

"And you're sure you don't have a girlfriend Tomlinson!" She yelled over the music

Do I? El's dead. No one else. I laughed. "I'm totally single."

"Let's go!"

I grabbed her hand and pulled her outside. We were swarmed with paparazzi.

"Louis what happened to you're mystery girl friend?!"

"Who is this?!"

"Where are you two going?!"

"Fuck you!" I yelled

"Where are we going?" I asked getting into her car

"My house." She giggled

"What's your name love?"


"Well Lisa," I laughed some more "You are very sexy."

"Why thank you."

"Emma's P.O.V

"I'm bored."

"Me too."

"Let's go shopping."

"The malls closed it 1am stupid!"

"Well I'm sorry how am I-"

"Girls! Shut up!" I yelled "The boys will be back any minute."

"What do you think they're doing?" Alia asked

"Group opinion." Ash said "I think Zayn is trying to dance...but failing miserably."

"I think Niall is very very drunk and is doing something stupid." Alia laughed

"Harry's probably fucking a girl." Shell said. We stared at her. "What?!"

"What do you think Louis is doing?" Ash asked me. Everyone's eyes were on me

"Nothing. He's probably having a small drink. But he's not dancing, and he's definitely not fucking a girl." I smiled

Louis P.O.V: (+16)

"You're not a virgin right?" I asked unzipping my pants

She unzipped hers. "I work at a nightclub in London, is it possibly for me to be a virgin?" She smiled

I shook my head and put my privates in hers. She moaned and screamed.

I felt a burn on my back. Scratches.

I gradually pushed harder. And she would gradually scream louder. "Harder." She would scream.

"That was great." She sighed when we finished. She started sucking on my neck. I pushed her away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I said putting my pants on "I-I have to go."

"Call me Tomlinson!" She yelled as I slammed her door

My head was killing me and I felt like I was going to puke. My head was spinning and I couldn't think.

But somehow my mind went to:



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