Over Again

It's year 2022, Janet and Harry had a great marriage until this terrible fight has occurred. As Janet picks up the mess from the fight; a single picture of her and Harry brings back all the wonderful memories they have had since day one. Could they possibly separate forever? or will fortune and faith bring them back together?


6. Who Hugs The Best??

Then right in front of me was Harry and Niall. They both began to walk towards me but when they realized they were walking at the same time they ran to me. I was scared! I didn't want to get trampled. But before i knew it Harry extended his arm and wrapped it around my waist and pulled me to him; leaving Niall running into a wall. Watching everything was like in slow motion, but thank god Niall didn't hit the wall hard. Then Harry turned my head to face him; since he's taller than me(even when i'm wearing heels!) he had to bend his neck down to be face to face with me. I could feel his breath puffing but not really hard, his breath smells like gum(: He starred deep into my sparkly brown eyes and i starred deep into his bright green eyes and said "Sorry love, i just really wanted to hug you." he gave me a such a cheeky smile. I couldn't help but laugh and said "Well, let's see if you really do give the best hugs" He quickly pulled me in with his strong arms tightly wrapping around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly back. His body was so close, so pushed up against mine. It felt like he was never going to let me go, and i didn't want to let go. I looked up to see Niall starring right at me and he looked sad, it made me feel bad and i pulled out of the hug but i could feel Harry resisting. We pulled out of the hug but i was still in Harry's arms, he had his arms resting around my waist and he asked "Soo. . ? was that the best hug or what?" I wanted to blurt out "Of course!!" but instead i said "Well i still have to hug Niall." Right away Niall pulled Harry off me and stood in front of me with his arms wide open; he had such a dorky smile. I smiled and went in for the hug. Wow Liam was right. His hugs are warm and welcoming, it just didn't have that strong connection Harry and I had when we hugged. When he let go of me everyone was looking at me expecting an answer. I couldn't pick one cause then i would make one of them feel bad so i said "Both hugs were awesome! i just can't pick" Then Harry said "I disagree because i know secretly you liked mine better" and he winked. I blushed and smiled at the ground. Niall got mad and his face got red and he said "That's the most stupid-" he got interrupted by the door opening. We all slowly turned around to see who's coming in. And of course... it had to be

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