Over Again

It's year 2022, Janet and Harry had a great marriage until this terrible fight has occurred. As Janet picks up the mess from the fight; a single picture of her and Harry brings back all the wonderful memories they have had since day one. Could they possibly separate forever? or will fortune and faith bring them back together?


4. Surprise Attack

She slowly opens the door and nobody is in here. Just a couple of chairs in the corner, a couch against the wall, a table and a large one direction poster. We looked at each other confused and there was a strange silence. She said "I think we came too early" I said "Maybe they went to the bathroom?" She gave me the face you get when you say something stupid. To defend myself I said "Well yeah! how awkward would it be if 3 of them left and left 2 here" she nodded in agreement. We sat down and started talking about how cute our dresses are and we should go back to the boutique soon. Then some strange noises interrupted our conversation it sounded like whispers and giggles. We both looked at each other and said "What the hel?" Then Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry jumped from behind the poster yelling "GET THEM!!" while spraying us with silly string. I nearly had a heart attack from that surprise attack. But then I went along with it and tried to throw some back. As for Gina she jumped up and practically tackled Louis with a hug. The rest of s began to laugh, while Louis tried pushing her off. She backed away and said "Sorry i got really excited". Louis said "Aha, no problem love. I get that reaction a lot" followed by a wink. Gina wanted to scream you could tell. Then Liam asked "What's your name love?" she said "Gina and that's um.. yeaa..uhhh-yea" I interrupted and said "yeah I'm Janet". They all giggled while Gina looked embarrassed. 

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