Over Again

It's year 2022, Janet and Harry had a great marriage until this terrible fight has occurred. As Janet picks up the mess from the fight; a single picture of her and Harry brings back all the wonderful memories they have had since day one. Could they possibly separate forever? or will fortune and faith bring them back together?


2. Shopping


I was sleeping, and all of a sudden a text woke me up. It was from my best friend Gina. It read "Get ready! cause we have to go shopping to find something to wear when we met One Direction!! :D" I smiled at the text and replied "Haha i just woke up -__- and OMG! I know I can't wait. Call dibs on Harry(;" she replied "sure whatever like you'd ever have a chance!" so i sent "shutup! a better chance than you :p" she texted back "your so dumb! lol hurry up we're going to to pick you up in about 20 minutes". So i got up washed my face, did my makeup and got dressed, ate an apple and waited outside. Her older sister was driving and she was taking us to the mall. The first store we went to was Gossip, but sadly nothing got our attention. Then we went to Urban Outfitters and as soon as we saw the price tags we would run away. It was so expensive! We went up and down the mall going through the entire mall until we reached a very small boutique and had some really cute stuff. We pulled out all the dresses we can carry, we tried on dress after another. Until I tried on this flowy sorta casual short coral colored dress. It was strapless and had ruffled flowers on the top. I had to buy this dress! Gina came out with maroon short dress with spaghetti straps and it was also really cute. We immediately took them off to buy them. The dresses were just perfect. We decided we would wear some heels that we have so we wouldn't have to waste money.

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