Over Again

It's year 2022, Janet and Harry had a great marriage until this terrible fight has occurred. As Janet picks up the mess from the fight; a single picture of her and Harry brings back all the wonderful memories they have had since day one. Could they possibly separate forever? or will fortune and faith bring them back together?


11. Realization

Janet's Pov:

"Okay, let's not panic. I mean we're only going to be in L.A for a couple more weeks; then we leave." Liam said.

Harry kinda calmed down and sat down. Niall got up and beside me to where i was standing. He rested his elbow on my shoulder leaning against me; i am short so he was kinda bending to lean. Louis and Gina got up and sat next Harry, one on each side. Louis put his hand on Harry's thigh and said

"Don't worry mate! We have Paul to protect us..He always protects us! it's his job."

"That won't be enough" the blonde's said under their breath but loud enough to hear. They quickly stormed out of the room before anyone could stop them and ask more questions. It silent.. Until Niall began to giggle.. then it grew into a laugh. But only Niall was laughing.

"See Hazza, none of this would have happened if you weren't such a slob".

Harry looked up at him clenching his fist, but then i guess the comment got to him and he released his fist and looked down as if he were to be ashamed. He began to fiddle with his fingers as he tried to hold back the tears. We all looked at Niall then at Harry but we just stayed quiet which made it awkward. I turned to look at Niall but my face was serious. He looked at me and to him it seemed like a joke; he had a grin on his face but it slowly disappeared when he noticed i was serious.

"What?" he asked puzzled. I just rolled my eyes at him for calling Harry a slob. I mean if it's true whatever, nobody should point it out. I don't know what it is about me but i just hate it when people make such idiotic, rude, unnecessary comments.

I walked over at Harry feeling sympathy towards him, i knelt down in front of him making him face me.

"Hey, you didn't know that girl was some sort of a phys-co." i said in a sincere tone.

He looked deep into my eyes not saying a word. It was sorta hypnotizing.

"You don't have to sleep with every single girl you meet. One day your-"

He wrapped his arms around me, embracing me into a very tight hug, cutting me off from what i was saying. I hugged him as hard as i could back. He buried his face into my neck, as i can feel his warm breathe on my skin; sending shivers down my spine. We pulled out of the hug, once again he kept looking straight into my eyes,

"You're the one" he said

i was in shock, but happy. I couldn't think of anything to say. For some strange reason my brain was not functioning. And i always know what to say. But not to this, because no one has ever said that to me. Or ever made me feel this way before.

"You, Janet, I just know it. You're the one, I have realized that i have been wasting my time with all the other girls and you. You're just something special."

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