Over Again

It's year 2022, Janet and Harry had a great marriage until this terrible fight has occurred. As Janet picks up the mess from the fight; a single picture of her and Harry brings back all the wonderful memories they have had since day one. Could they possibly separate forever? or will fortune and faith bring them back together?


8. A Guy Like Harry

About ten minutes have passed by.. still nobody has approached me. I began to feel sad and at that moment i wanted to leave. I locked my iphone just about to put it away when i felt someone behind me and rested their chin on my shoulder and said "How come your all by yourself?" Right away i knew it was Niall by his hot thick Irish accent. I smiled "Isn't it obvious? i repel everybody." i said jokingly. He laughed and walked around the couch to sit next to me and he said "That's impossible! I believe your the most beautiful one here". "More beautiful than Zayn?" i asked raising one eyebrow. He laughed and said "Okay maybe not more attractive than Zayn, but Beautiful you are." I smiled and i felt him looking at me but i was looking at Harry. Niall's face became serious; he knew what i was looking at. He turned me around facing him and said "Look Janet, your beautiful and seem very smart. Don't fall for a guy like Harry." I laughed "A guy like Harry?" i questioned. "what do you mean a guy like him?" He pointed at Harry and Bridget and said "You see he always goes for the easy girls, he'll do anything to 'get some'; he seriously does it all the time. He's such a slob." I looked down in disappointment because i actually though i had a chance with him. When he hugged me it was something; something special i just couldn't ignore the fact that i actually like Harry. Niall lifted my chin up to his face and said "I on the other hand respect girls and know how to treat 'em right. And i love to take brunettes named Janet out to dates" he winked at me "Ohhh so you've dated other brunettes named Janet before?" i said winking back. His eyes grew wide and he said "No, no! that's not what i meat! i was trying to-" i interrupted him by laughing so hard; the fact he toke what i said seriously "I was kidding Niall" he looked at me with relief then he chuckled. I looked over at Harry once again and he was already looking at me, we made eye contact; he smiled and winked. I kinda half smiled back then Niall stood right in front of me and broke the stare. He had his hand out. I starred at his hand and looked up at him clueless. He asked "Shall we?" I looked around and asked "Shall we what?" "Just take my hand." So i took it. He pulled me up really fast and pulled me in very close to his body. It scared me it was totally out of the random! He took my hand and put it on his shoulder and with my other hand i was holding his hand, he slowly started to slide his hand down my back stopping at my hips. "Now we dance!" he said "Dance? How ? if there's no music?? haha" "Doesn't matter!! Just dance!" he said. I laughed and went along, we looked like complete idiots; dancing around in there laughing really loud non-stop. He kept spinning me around it was fun! everybody was laughing at us watching us; they were amused, except Harry. He had a jealous look on his face, i thought it was cute.

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