Over Again

It's year 2022, Janet and Harry had a great marriage until this terrible fight has occurred. As Janet picks up the mess from the fight; a single picture of her and Harry brings back all the wonderful memories they have had since day one. Could they possibly separate forever? or will fortune and faith bring them back together?


5. 1D's famous introduction!

Liam "Well, Gina and Janet. I'm Liam" "I'm Louis!" "I'm Niall" "I'm Zayn" "and I'm Harry" "and we're One Direction!" Gina said "Nooo you guys are Big Time Rush.. Of course we know who you guys are!". We all laughed and Niall said "Obviously we are, it's just our thing we do when we erm.. introduce ourselves to pretty girls". He kept looking straight into my eyes, he had this adorable smile, i couldn't help but blush. Then i practically yelled "Well, I'm a hugger! who gives the best hugs??" Niall jumped out in excitement saying "I love to cuddle! and I love hugs. So i guess i could give you the best hug." He had his arms opened and i was just about to go over and hug him but then Harry stepped right in front of him and said "I believe out of all of us. I give the best hugs. Right Louis?" "Ohh Harry. He gives more than just hugs" Louis said followed by a wink. Then Harry had a cheeky smile and started to come forward at me until Liam stopped him and said "n-n-no. I think Niall's hugs are the best because his hugs are warm and welcoming." "AHA! Move Harry i'm about to give Janet the best hug of her life!" Niall said with a huge grin on his face.  Harry looked mad but in a cute way. "Wait" Zayn said stopping Niall from hugging me. "Can't we all just hug her?" Gina said "Me too!" mainly focusing on Louis. Louis realized she was looking at him and got weird-ed out and he quickly got up and hugged me. Gina looked sad, but it was kinda funny. Liam went to hug Gina while Louis was hugging me. "Please love, help me from your friend." Louis whispered in my ear. I pulled back and laughed and said "Don't worry she won't bite. I promise." he said "She better not! or i'll have to karate chop you! HAAYYA!" he swung his hand and it nearly hit me in the face, then Zayn pulled him back and said "Woah, you don't want to injure Janet" Zayn began to come closer for a hug. On the outside i was chill but in the inside i was freaking out! I mean it 's THE Zayn Malik. Gosh he's so gorgeous, he's probably the most good looking person i've ever seen. As he was hugging me he said "Your beautiful love". Just hearing that from him gave me the chills and left me speechless all i could do was smile. He smiled back and winked at me as he walked over to hug Gina.

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