My Beautiful Nightmare

Before you start reading I want to tell you something.
The following story is about how Rayhan Malik, a 27 years old designer who lives in London with her husband and children, and Zayn Malik got together.

You think it’s going to be a typical boring love story? Maybe, but let me tell you it wasn’t easy for her to fall in love with him.. or to realize Ishe was in love with him? You’ll figure it out soon.


2. Perrie

I sat on the couch and turned on the tv. Spongebob, no. -zap- The news, no. -zap- The exes, no. -zap- The Vampire Diaries, yesss. This is a retake of 'We'll always have Bourbon' but I love to watch it though. 30 mintues later the episode was nearly over and was hungry so I looked for something to eat. I went to the kitchen and to my luck aunt Trisha had cooked something. Rice and stew, yummy. I grabbed a plate and a spoon, took a bit of the food and headed to the dining room. I wonder if Zayn had already eaten.. Maybe I should ask him if he's hungry? I went to the backyard where Zayn was talking on the on phone. "Zayn, are you hungry? Your mum made-" he interrupted me "Don't you see that I'm talking?! Don't bother me!" he nearly yelled at me. Urrrgh why did I even mind to ask? I'm so stupid, HE is so stupit! I shut the door behind me and went back to eat the rest of my food. A few minutes later, when I was about to wash the dishes the doorbell rang. I opened the door to face a pretty blonde girl. "Hi, I was looking for Zayn is he there?" she said. "Umm may I ask who you are first?" "I'm Perrie, his girlfriend and who are you? You don't look like his sisters." she asked me. "Oh well then come in. Zayn's at the backyard. I'm his-" No, I'm not his best friend anymore.. "I'm just a friend." I said and smiled. A friend.. I don't even know if we are still friends.. I mean he seems to really dislike me.. urgh, whatever. He has a girlfriend and he didn't mind to tell me? We used to tell each other everything what was going on in our life, but seems like it's the past now. He don't like me anymore, he don't care about me anymore.. wow. This makes me kind of upset. I mean we have spent the past 11 years together. I shouldn't think about it anymore. "And now I'll show you my room babe." I could hear Zayn saying. He's going to show her his room, huh? Oh I know what he wants to do. Actually I won't care and now and leave.. But aunt Trisha said I should keep an eye on him and I don't think she would appreciate it when Zayn does.. whatever he had planned to do. What am I going to do now? urh Zayn why couldn't you call your girlfriend when I'm not here. I headed to his room but hesitated infront of his door. What am I gonna say? 

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