My Beautiful Nightmare

Before you start reading I want to tell you something.
The following story is about how Rayhan Malik, a 27 years old designer who lives in London with her husband and children, and Zayn Malik got together.

You think it’s going to be a typical boring love story? Maybe, but let me tell you it wasn’t easy for her to fall in love with him.. or to realize Ishe was in love with him? You’ll figure it out soon.


4. Going


Hey guys,

I’m so so soooooo sorry for not updating!!!

I totally forgot about movellas and my story //cries

I really am sorry! Actually I didn’t think someone was actually reading..

But then I saw an E-Mail from Movellas in the inbox of my old e-Mail address and I didn’t know what to think :S I was upset because I disappointed you guys and even though it may be only 2 persons reading, it’s worth to continue the story so you guys get to know what happens! Sorry again! I’ll do my best to write as much as I can!!

I hope you still want to read it and you’ll like it.

If you’re reading, then comment so I know there are people who read my story, you can give me critics and hints to make it better too, it gives me the urge to keep writing.

And if you accept my sorry and keep reading, THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ I love you!

And sorry for this chappie it's rushed 'cause you already waited too long >.< ♥♥♥




Zayn’s POV

It’s been 4 weeks now since Ray and I had our fight. I tried to call her a few times but her phone was off. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by telling her about my feelings, instead I’m acting like an asshole? Oh great Zayn, you’re such a smart boy.. urrrgh. I should go talk to her but how am I going to do it?


Ray’s POV

I woke up to the sound of the birds outside. The sun was shining and everything outside was piled with snow. It must have snowed the night. ‘Beautiful’ I thought standing in front of the big window in my room. I tried not to think about what happened last night. It’d only make me sadder. What did I do wrong? Why was he treating me like this? If he wants me to let him alone, fine.

The day went smooth. I stayed home, watched some movies, cooked, took a bath, changed into PJ’s, continued my movie day and then got to bed early. No matter how hard I tried to forget about Zayn, he popped up in my mind every now and then.. It’s not easy, I mean we’ve been friends since forever and now I just should forget him? No. I refused to accept that. I like him too much, we’ve been through so many things together, I can’t just give up on him. But I need time, so does he. While thinking about all these things I fell asleep.


~~~~~~~ 2 months later ~~~~~~~


“Rayhan! Come down, we’re leaving now!” Mum called me. We’re going on a trip to South Africa for the weekend. Yay! I love mum’s job, it’s so great being able to go overseas to see the world.

We got out with our luggage and went to the car. I wondered if Zayn was at home? I couldn’t help it. I feel like it’s been years since I saw him the last time.. I.. miss him. But I just couldn’t stare into his (beautiful) eyes. Urrgh these eyes could bore holes into me! I tried my best to avoid him, I even changed my phone number. However, I’m going to South Africa damn! I’ll not think about it at least for the time we’re on the trip.


The plane ride was tiring and as soon as I got out and took my first step on South African ground, I felt some kind of a relief, like some heavy stones fell from my body. The cool air brushed my body, waving my hair in the air, a nice difference to the hot sun that was shining in the evening. The view of the beautiful sunset gave me a warm feeling in the heart and for a moment I felt so free, so carefree.. it was just amazing. “Beautiful, right Ray?” “Mum.. thank you! For taking me with you, it’s even better than I imagined.” My mum gave me warm smile and I smiled back.


A taxi ride later we arrived at our hotel, simple but still beautiful. The view of our room was amazing, on the left side we could see the ocean, on the right were the mountains and in between pure desert. The setting sun gave it an especially beautiful look. I was standing on the little balcony we had, my arms resting on the railing while I watched the beautiful view.




My heart skipped a beat. It couldn’t be.. no..

I turned to my left and nearly fainted when I saw that figure standing on the balcony next to ours, a fainting smile on his face..

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