My Beautiful Nightmare

Before you start reading I want to tell you something.
The following story is about how Rayhan Malik, a 27 years old designer who lives in London with her husband and children, and Zayn Malik got together.

You think it’s going to be a typical boring love story? Maybe, but let me tell you it wasn’t easy for her to fall in love with him.. or to realize Ishe was in love with him? You’ll figure it out soon.


6. Confession

Before you read, a little information: “Maya” is Rayhan’s mum

So I've decided to update this chapter in the usual writing, 'cause I didn't want

you to wait any longer :3 

Maybe I'll change it later or I'll just change it in the next chapter, I don't know yet.

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And if you're reading, Thank you, I love you ♥

Now - hopefully enjoy ^^


“Z- Z ayn.. ? W- w- what are YOU doing here?!" I pointed at him with a finger and held my mouth with my other hand. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe he was here, here in South Africa, right on the next balcony, only 5 meters separating us, his eyes full of sorrow staring at me, staring into my eyes, a glimpse of sorry, hope, desperation in them..


“I called you so many times, texted you, tried to talk to you at your house..”


“I changed my number.” I said in a low tone still not believing he was actually standing in front of me


“You avoided me.”


… silence.


I couldn’t say a word. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. My heart racing, sweat beginning to build all over my body, I felt like I got ill. There was a part of me that was happy to see him again.. but the bigger part was mixed with feelings like shock, anger, angst, love, disappointment, and every other feeling that existed. I wasn’t ready to face him, not yet.

I got in my room as fast as I could, closed the window behind me and leaned against it with my back facing it. My legs got weak and I slowly slid to the ground. Sitting there still shocked I thought about whether he knew I was here or it all was just a coincidence. Could my mum have told him about us coming here? Could they have planned it so I was forced to talk to him? No, my mum wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t right? Oh my god I can’t believe it. What am I going to do? I’m still not ready to talk to him.

I kept sitting there, not able to move, my heart still racing. Why was I so nervous, why was my heart feeling like it felt? It’s not that a big deal. I mean I knew I would see him sooner or later.. He being here in South Africa.. It’s just too awkward.

*knock knock*

The door opened and my mum came in. “Rayhan sweety, what are you doing?”

“You knew it, right?” I still faced the ground, my arms wrapped around my knees.

“Knew what?”

“Zayn… he’s he- here..” tears began to build. Why? Why do I feel like this, why is it confusing me like this. Urrgh I hate that boy.


“I’m sorry honey but he came to me and asked if I could do something for him since you refused to talk to him an-“

“Mum!” I got up quickly, a tear escaping my eye. I was so mad. “You know what he did, how he treated me, he hates me, why did you do that?! I can’t believe you!” I literally yelled at my mum. She just stood there, watching me, a little smile on her face. “Rayhan, I talked to him, he’s sorry. Let him explain it to you. Trust me, he doesn’t hate you, he’s your best friend.” Bestfriend? Hah! He made clear that I’m not his friend anymore. I can’t bear to see him. No.

“Mum, sorry but I won’t do what you expect me to. I will not talk to him! And now can you please get out, I want to sleep.”

She sighed and went out. Damn it! What am I going to do? Greaaat the entire trip is ruined.

I let my body fall on the bed, my arms spread, staring at the ceiling and trying not to think about anything, a sigh escaping my mouth. I knew it was kind of stubborn but I wouldn’t be able to find the right words. And I would blame myself for not telling him everything I wanted, so it’d be better not to face him, yet.



*flashback: 4 weeks ago*

Trisha and Maya were sitting in the living room, talking about random things, having fun.

Zayn came down and watched them for a few seconds before heading towards them. “Aunt Maya, can I talk to you for a bit?” Maya turned and smiled. “Oh, Zayn sweetie come sit here, what’s up?” She patted the free spot next to her and he sat down. Zayn gave his mum a look and she got what he wanted “Hey Maya, I ‘ll be waiting in the garden.” She said, standing up and heading to the garden.

When his mum was out of sight he went on “ I don’t know if Ray told you..” his gaze fell to the ground “but I did something terrible to her. I- I’ve hurt her.”  He looked upset, not able to look Maya in the eyes. “It’s ok honey, tell me what happened” she said looking at him. She already knew what happened, Rayhan had told her but Maya knew Zayn too well to believe he hated her daughter. There must have been something wrong with him and she already had an idea. Maya wanted them to handle it by themselves, never telling Rayhan about her suspicion of them feeling more than just friends for each other.

“I don’t know when it started but I’m always so confused when I see Rayhan, this feeling in my stomach is killing me along with my racing heart. I never find the right words, I can’t look her in the eyes, whenever she’s sad I feel like crap, whenever she’s happy, I feel happy too, whenever I see her beautiful smile I think my heart skips a beat..” he slowly began to lift his head and looking into Maya’s eyes “I- I think I’m in love with her”. 

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