My Beautiful Nightmare

Before you start reading I want to tell you something.
The following story is about how Rayhan Malik, a 27 years old designer who lives in London with her husband and children, and Zayn Malik got together.

You think it’s going to be a typical boring love story? Maybe, but let me tell you it wasn’t easy for her to fall in love with him.. or to realize Ishe was in love with him? You’ll figure it out soon.


1. He changed

“Urrgh Zayn! Stop smoking around me!” Damn this boy is so annoying. What happened to him? He was such a cute, kind guy. I know him for 11 years now and we used to be best friends until he started to get a ‘bad boy’ a few months ago. He got so rude and annoying. I can’t handle it. “Why would I?! It’s my decision where I prefer to smoke, right?” Did he really just say that?! “Really Zayn? You know exactly that I hate people smoking around me! Leave me alone.” I said louder this time. “Since I can remember this is our garden, so I’d say you leave.” What?! Damn it. I was so pissed and went into the house. Why did my mum actually take me with her? She knows what I think about Zayn I told her so many times that I can't take him being an asswhole and that I don't want to see him but she says it'd be ignorant not to come since aunt Trisha is like a real aunt for me. She's Zayn's mum and I really like her. "Hey sweety, what's wrong? Did he bother you again? I'm gonna talk to him." aunt Trisha said. She's so nice. "No, it's fine aunt Trisha. He's only smoking." I said with a fake smile on my face. "Oh well then. Your mum and I have to do some business, we'll be back in a few honey. Keep an eye on Zayn." She said smiling. Oh great, they're leaving me alone with him.. "Fine" I said and they were gone.

Oh well, this is going to be fun..

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