Why Not???

This Is not a One Direction fanfic but it is A Ross Lynch.

Miley and Ross have been Best Friends SIENCE kindergarten.when she turns 17 will she start to have feelings for Ross and Ross have the same feelings for her.


4. Telling Jaylee

I Called my Best Friend Jaylee over. She's about my height 5'7 red hair.We've been friends seince the Forth grade.

Ross had another date today. so I Invited Jaylee over to have a slumber party. We watched movies, played 1D music, ran around crazy. Having fun. When we settled down we asked each other who are crushes were.
Jaylee- Leo
Me- Ummm... Well. It's Ross
Jaylee- No way!!!
Me-Yeah Way!!!

We kept arguing (playfully) back and forth until...
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