Why Not???

This Is not a One Direction fanfic but it is A Ross Lynch.

Miley and Ross have been Best Friends SIENCE kindergarten.when she turns 17 will she start to have feelings for Ross and Ross have the same feelings for her.


2. Sleep over

Ever seince they were little they had sleep overs and they did most everything together.One day Ross had to cancel there sleep over because he had a date. It depressed Miley but it didn't get get to her but she had a movie night by herself.in the middle of the movie (the last song) the door bell rings so,she gets to awnser it.when she opened the door Ross was standing there all looking nice in a hoodi jeans and sneakers.when he asked me...Ross"watchya doing"Miley"ummm....watching movies in the living room.bye myself watchya up to?""nothing my date ditched me""oh.hey buddie look I'm sorry why don't you come in and watch or finish watching the last song with me.""that be great let me call my mom and tell her where I am and what I'm doing.""ok"

So the movie night turned into a sleep over.they ended up making popcorn,forts and watched loads of movies.

They have a secret phrase its: never give up just believe that you can do it.
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