Why Not???

This Is not a One Direction fanfic but it is A Ross Lynch.

Miley and Ross have been Best Friends SIENCE kindergarten.when she turns 17 will she start to have feelings for Ross and Ross have the same feelings for her.


3. Should I Or Should I Not?

This chapter is where she I mostly thinking in her head.

Should I tell Ross I have a crush on him?Well I want to but I dont think I can. If he doesn't feel the same it'll ruwin are friendship.And I don't want that happen.but I can't hide these feelings anymore maybe I should just start dropping hints that I like him so he can figure it out himself.YES!!! brilliant plan Miley Do that then he will find it out by himself without him wondering really this is awkward.But only if he doesn't feel the same you never know he could feel the same way.

If you want to be in the book tell your name hair color and who you are (example: BFF, Enime, Ross ex girlfriend or rosses girlfriend.(:)
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