Why Not???

This Is not a One Direction fanfic but it is A Ross Lynch.

Miley and Ross have been Best Friends SIENCE kindergarten.when she turns 17 will she start to have feelings for Ross and Ross have the same feelings for her.


5. Louis Tomlinson Here No Way


We heard a knock on the door and screaming. Jaylee and I went to open the door and when we did we saw are biggest idol ever... LOUIS TOMLINSON. We did not fan girl on the outside but on the inside we did Then ....
LT: Can I come in I've been running a couple of blocks and I'm very tierd.
Miley: Sure and if you want anything we'll be in the living room which is right here.Oh and if you want to take a nap you can take one in the Geust room which is down the hall to the left or if you want you could watch Grease With us.
Jaylee: Yep what she had just said
LT:thanks but I would like to watch Grease with you gals.

All of a sudden I got a text From Ross He Said he's coming over.
I cant stop him he told me earlier but I forgotten he said after his date.
When Ross was over he and Louis made some small talk when Jaylee And I over Hears Louis tell Ross just to go for it and not be nervous about it.
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