Why Not???

This Is not a One Direction fanfic but it is A Ross Lynch.

Miley and Ross have been Best Friends SIENCE kindergarten.when she turns 17 will she start to have feelings for Ross and Ross have the same feelings for her.


1. Prologue

Miley and Ross have been Friends for ever and are closer than any kid in school.They are there for each other all the time.But when or before Miley turned 17 she had feelings for Ross they were strong feelings.Ross had feelings for Miley but for longer than she did him.when she had a date and when they broke up he was always there for her.when Ross had gone out and had a broken heart Miley was always there for him too.When they were in kindergarten Miley kept getting bullied so Ross stood up for her and from then on the were best friends.and they always have been.
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