More Than A Flower

This is a poem I wrote long ago. It is about my grandpa who I called poppy. He died when I was seven. He was my everything, I was so devastated. So in honor of him I wrote this poem.


1. More Than A Flower

More Than A Flower

What do you think of when you hear poppy,

You think of fallen soldiers,

Flowers in a meadow,

But for me the word poppy goes much deeper,

My poppy is a fallen solider ,

Not one from the war,

But one for his family,

He was a stand up guy,

And he is missed dearly,

That is my poppy,

More then a flower,

My poppy loved to laugh and play pranks,

Even through all his pain,

During tough times,

He was able to smile,

That is my poppy,

More then a flower,

Even though he's been gone for only a while,

It feels more like eternity,

I will not stop missing him until he is here with me,

Up in heaven he looks down to me,

Making sure I'm safe and free,

That is my poppy,

More then a flower,

He would call me an angel,

Even when I wasn't,

He would call me a dreamer,

Cause of my crazy ideas,

That is my poppy,

More then a flower,

I miss you poppy with all my heart,

At first I thought I'd fall apart,

It isn't fair to keep you around ,

Cause even tho you said you were fine,

I knew you wanted to frown,

But its ok cause I know your in heaven smiling down,

Seeing all your family has accomplished ,

That is my poppy,

More then a flower.

By:Sara .M. Graves

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