My Everyday Life

My life is very interesting on a day to day basis, and I want you all to know about it. Everything I put into my "blogs" or "diary entries" are completely true. Although, if one of my friends don't want their name in it I will change the name to something quite random or just plain silly hoping that it might make you giggle a little bit. The goal of all this is to help me express myself and to help make your day a little better. I hope you enjoy making fun of the failure that is my life in this strange yet entertaining thing-a-majig.


1. 1/11/2013

Hey, life.

I don't know what to do!!!  I got accepted to Mercy yesterday and I want to go there but I'm going to miss all my friends and AHHHH, why is life so hard.  Maybe it wont be so bad, maybe it will be horrible and everyday I'll literally want to rip my face off.. who knows.  Whatever, lets talk about happy things :)

I had five chocolate chip cookies in a row today!  YUM! this is boring... that's definitely what your thinking, too, right? "This is boring, this girl has no life, she just complains about things and then does it all over again the next time.. uuuuuuhg"... yup that's definitely what your thinking.  So I don't know if this was entertaining enough to make you smile but if it did yayyyy and if it didn't..... well.... this is awkward.



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