The Book of Short Stories

Just a bunch of short stories I write when I'm bored


3. They eyes of a school shooter

You can scream if you want, but it will only make it worse. Nothing will stop me from pulling this trigger and killing you. I have my reasons, and you only want to know why because I have my gun pointed at you. If under other circumstances you wouldn't do as much as breath the same air as me. I was an outcast, a fool, I was invisible. But now everyone knows me, some of them are even screaming my name. You see I'm not out to harm any innocent people, just you. Now you see, as you hide under the table in your period 4 French class, I'm making my way over to you. Better say your prayers and cry your last tears now, because when I see you, I'm going to shoot you. I want you to suffer, too feel the pain you put me through.
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