I Knew You Were Trouble

He takes your hand, I die a little, I watch your eyes, And I'm in riddles.
Why can't you look at me like that?
‘I fell in love with the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once.'
You told me that the thing about pain is that it demands to be felt. But, after this pointed knife in my heart there will be no pain left in life for me, aren't I right? - Niall


6. Chapter 4

"Are you scared?" he asked me

"Yes." I answered. 

"Me too." he said. 


"Will you hug me?" I asked him.

"Till the end.

For forever." He told me.


"Do you remember the day we met?" I asked him.

"How can I not?" He smiled in remembrance.

"I told you I was scared." I said.

"And I told you I was scared too." He said.

"You know... I wasn't really scared at all. I just trusted you so much and loved you till the mountains, the seas, and the land can stretch." I said.

"Well I love you more. Far and far beyond the mountains, the seas, and the land can stretch. As far as there is anything in existence; in any form. Real or imaginary." He said. I smiled. 

"I don't even think you understood me." He laughed.

"Noo... I understand what you're trying to explain very well actually." I giggled because of his stupidity.  



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