Jasmine has everything she wants but most importantly Zayn Malik. For a moment she's in paradise but and unexpected accident ruins it for her and Zayn. Can they regain what they lost?


2. Who are you?

I woke up with a massive headache. Nothing made sense. What happened, where the hell was I?
"Oh you're up Jasmine, that's good." Said a female doctor named 'Mae Chang' according to her tag.
"Can I ask what happened?" I said sitting up. She put the clipboard down and sat in the chair next to her.
"Mr.Bradford, you were on your way to your-" she stopped briefly as if she was questioning what she was about to say and continued on, "on your way to your badminton lessons, and you were involved in a car crash. You've been in a comma for 2 weeks."
"Say what now?" I said spitting out the orange juice she had just given me.
"A comma, now I can't reveal anything more, it can damage the recovery process." She stood up and gave me some medicine. "By the way your family is waiting outside for you I'll let them in."
I sat up in a hurry and gulped down the last of my juice before having the nurse to stop, "Not looking like this!" I shouted and the doctor rolled her eyes and gave me a few minutes to apply mascara and what not.
First walked in my sister Crystal and then my other siblings and parents. I spent a couple minutes talking before Dr.Chang told them it was time to go, and to say I had one more group of visitors.

In walked probably the most hottest guys ever. Like a gift from the Gods. All 5 of them were extremely to die for, but one of them stood out the most with earplugs, tattoos, gorgeous hands, eyes, and face; just perfect.He stepped up to me and bit his lip.
"Hey babe, how are you doing? Ya had me worried." He said and I starred at him in confusion.
"I'm sorry I don't know who you are."

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