Jasmine has everything she wants but most importantly Zayn Malik. For a moment she's in paradise but and unexpected accident ruins it for her and Zayn. Can they regain what they lost?


6. Unknowing

Zany's P.O.V


My heart dropped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A smile quickly formed on my face and I ran to hug her, but when I did, it only lasted for a brief moment.
"Zayn, you're naked, and I just touched it..." Jasmine said blushing, I hugged her again and reassured her.
"It's okay, its not like you've never seen it before."


Jasmine's P.O.V


I'm not gonna lie Zayn's package was pretty amazing. I touched it and my hands were near my knees. It actually helped me remember that I lost my virginity to him... But other than that, that's all I remember about him, not that I was complaining.
"Umm Zayn, can you put back you clothes." I asked, he looked down and ran to his closet and after a while of watching him struggle, I went to the closet and picked his clothes; a nice plaid shirt, with a varsity jacket.
He looked a bit teary and turned away.
"What's wrong?" I asked, he looked straight and replied.
"It's just like old times." He said and I laughed and built up the courage to ask.
"Zayn I lost my virginity to you didn't I?" and he looked at me and nodded grinning.
"Zayn? How, umm, did that happen exactly?"

Zayn's P.O.V


I knew she was starting to remember and I was remembering the day we did it. She was having a bad day. And whenever she was stressed she would practice her tennis or badminton. I walked from my house to the school, only like a block or two away and I found her in the tennis court. She saw me and put down the racket. She walked up to me and hugged me.
"How did you know I was here?" She asked looking at me
"Magic!" I replied grinning, she gave me a serious stare, "you're always here when you're stressed." She broke away from me and stared down.
"It's just with finals and practice I just, I just get overwhelmed you know?" She said
"Babe its all right you have me." I said
We starred at each other for a moment and began to kiss. She started sliding her body down and I began to push her back up against the wall. I broke away from our kiss panting.
"My house is near want to finish this there?" I asked and she caught her breath and shook her head.
"I want you now." She said pulling me to the small unseen spot by the courts. The day began to dim as she pulled me down to the floor as she went down. The lights that lit the court began to dim and slowly turned off laying down a perfect scene for us. Her kissed became sloppy as she tried to unbutton my shirt and I could feel her trembling hands touch my skin. She rolled us over so that she could straddle my hips and then she pulled off her black laced panties laying them next to me. She felt nervous and I kept reassuring her to relax and if she didn't want to then not to do anything but she kept insisting that she wanted to. Then I could feel her nails dig into my back as I slowly slid myself into her trying to be as gentle as possible. She hugged my neck as I began to slide in and out of her and I could hear her gasp every time I went back in. I pulled her face closer to mine and noticed the tears streaming out of her eyes and I hugged her tighter.
"I'm sorry am I hurting you?! I'll stop!" I said worried that it would be too much for her already
"No-keep going Zayn." She muttered digging her nails deeper into my back and letting soft but hushed moans near my ear as I continued to thrust inside of her. I steadily kept my pace but after a minute or two I picked up my pace making her cry out a bit louder until I finally felt I was going to cum and hugged her closer to me. I felt her walls pulsing around my mega malik and leaned on the wall pulling her with me as I went. We finished perhaps the greatest time of my life and I offered to let her clean up at my house. So we walked back to my house to take a shower and clean up a bit.
No one was home so we went up to my room uninterrupted and began to strip slipping into the shower together. I began washing her back and I could hear her breath speed up as I started washing her from the back pressing my front up against her back and laying small kisses on her back. She spun around and pressed her lips against mine pushing me all the way to the wall of the shower. I got hold of her thigh pulling it up and around my waist, this time she lifted her body placing me inside of her and moving her body. She was in control this time and made me finish when she finished panting as her knees wobbled down to the shower floor where I followed shortly behind. My body felt electrifying and it was absolutely the most amazing time I've had; that's what I loved most about her, that should could take control when she wanted to.
I stared at Jasmine her cheeks blushing red from me telling her the story. She was always so cute when she blushed, hell she was cute 24/7. I was about to continue and then Perrie walked in, Jasmine surprisingly ran up to her and hugged her tightly letting out little giggles. Clearly Jasmine didn't know what Perrie did to her....

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