Jasmine has everything she wants but most importantly Zayn Malik. For a moment she's in paradise but and unexpected accident ruins it for her and Zayn. Can they regain what they lost?


7. Story Time

Zayn's P.O.V


Perrie broke off the hug, both Jasmine and her looked confused.
"She doesn't know does she?" Perrie said looking at me and my eyes went from Jasmine's to Perrie; unable to say anything.
"Well what is it?" Jasmine asked, I was about to think of something to tell her but thankfully Niall walked in.
"Time for Hometown Buffet!!!" screamed Niall and Jasmine looked at me
"Was that it?" She said and I nodded going along with it. We arrived at Hometown Buffet, we were the only ones there just arriving when they opened the place. Plenty of us didn't eat except for Niall and Harry who stayed over at my house and I made breakfast for, so we decided to tell her the story of how we all met.
"Niall why don't you get us all started?" I said to Niall as we sat down.


Niall's P.O.V


Zayn had requested my Irish goodness to tell Jasmine how I met her but instead I was just gonna say how we all met. I mean we all met at the same time, day, and place; might as well.
"Ehem, all right listen up mates!" I said scouting up and getting a mouthful of eggs, "Alright! Ehem, it was uh freshman orientation and we were waiting in line.She was in front of me and she had just bought a chocolate and me being Nialler and all I asked her for a piece." I said and Jasmine opened her mouth in shock, but then laughed like she did when I asked her for some chocolate.
"Go on!" She said
"Tell her what Liam said to you then!" said James as he gulped down some juice, I laughed and ate some eggs.
"Well, I had just asked when Liam budded in and gave me his 'Niall-you're-doing-something-naughty look' and looked over to Jasmine to say: I told him not to ask someone for food without introducing yourself first and then asking nicely."
"And he didn't even say please or thank you!" Liam yelled out shaking his head in disbelief
"There there, its okay Liam." Zayn said and looked at Jasmine and told her how after Liam talked to Niall he introduced himself to her.
"Zayn you didn't even go there yet!" Louis said making Zayn roll his eyes and take a sip or juice
"Now, I saw he introduced himself to you and Niall, I went up to you guys asking for directions." said Harry exaggerating on the word direction, his favorite word.
"Lads I will be back!" I said getting up to get seconds and filling my plate with pancakes this time. I went back and Louis had told them how he came late and Liam being Mr.Goody helped him out.
"-and we got our schedules and saw we had the same class. So then we uh all became friends." Liam said finishing
"Best thing ever!" Louis added and Harry nodded feeding Lou a carrot, their bromance was too cute.
"Can I have some pancakes?" Harry asked
"Nialler don't share!" I said and Jasmine laughed
"But what about James and Perrie?" She asked
"Gregg picked me up and his girlfriend was there with her brother," I said pointing at James, "to register and well Perrie you ummm met her in tennis." I told her but I felt guilty because that wasn't all. The first time they met Perrie bumped into her while she was talking to me and Jasmine hit herself on a water fountain. Perrie told Jasmine it was her fault and Jasmine being fierce told her off, that she didn't know her and that she immediately hated her, well Liam being Liam made them friends. James eyed me knowing the truth but instead turned around to Perrie and asked is she could go get his inhaler and with that Zayn got up to get some food getting Jasmine waffles.


Jasmine's P.O.V


I have good friends that's all I kept thinking as Zayn got up bringing me back waffles. I felt like with this my memory would finally be recovered I was extatic. Finally everything seemed to make sense. But Perrie didn't say a thing, it made me feel uneasy but I put it aside as Zayn set waffles down and began to share them with me. Zayn held ,y hand as he gave me some waffles and I smiled thankfully as he poured a little syrup for me; just the way I liked it. I looked up and caught him staring at me, his hazel eyes more mesmerizing by the minute and for once I was eager to remember everything as soon as possible.

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