Jasmine has everything she wants but most importantly Zayn Malik. For a moment she's in paradise but and unexpected accident ruins it for her and Zayn. Can they regain what they lost?


8. I Won

Jasmine's P.O.V


We spent a good time at home town buffet. Before I finally asked Perrie how I met her.
"Perrie did we meet the same way I met the lads?" I asked and from the corner of my eye I noticed Zayn get uncomfortable. Perrie looked at me nervously, "We uh, we use to, um, we use to em dislike each other." she said with emphasis on the 'dislike'.
"She was competing for the last spot on the badminton team against you." James added holding her hand. I raised my eyebrows shocked.
"You two are together?" I asked and James nodded, "Since when?" I continued and he stared at Perrie, then turned to my direction.
"Right after you and Zayn got together, junior year." and with that we finished our talk.
After a while we kinda got bored and got into a food fight. However the workers ruined our fun and kicked us out. I left with Niall and Zayn in Niall's car looking through my yearbooks. Under the "Best Friends" section in my sophomore year was me and Perrie. At this point I was lost. They said we were best friends, Crystal said I hated her and even Perrie admitted we didn't like each other.
"Uh Zayn?" He looked at me and nodded while looking at his reflection.
"Yes hun?"
"You'd tell me anything if I asked you to right?"
"Of course."
"How did me and Perrie meet?" I asked and Niall nearly crashed the car. That's when they finally caved in and told me everything. I met Perrie my freshman year during J.V. varsity training and after a while became best friends hence the picture. But then during summer training before junior year, we competed for the last spot at the varsity team. Well I won and she became jealous and started rumors. And we haven't talked since, but knowing me there had to be a bigger reason why we stopped talking. But I had no choice but to trust them.


Zayn's P.O.V


Once again I hadn't told her the whole truth but I didn't have a choice. It would be betrayal to my best friend/love of my life. We passed by an amusement park and Jasmine pleaded for us to go, of course her favorite place was my left liked thing in the world. Niall dropped us off to go pick up some more dough, and he would bring the rest of the lads. She rushed me to the ticket booth and I handed our passes in.
"We have passes here?" She asked before turning her direction to the rides.
"Its your favorite place to go to hun." She smiled before dragging me to a ride with 3 loopty loops. I hesitated for a tad before telling her to go without me.
"You're not scared are you?" I shook my head a bit and bit my lip before finally nodding yes. She scoffed and put her arms on my shoulders.
"It's fine, I'll hold your hand." She took my hand in reassurance, I budged a little so she turned around and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Now will you come?" After the ride I bought her corn on the cob and she even held my hand and as sweet as it was it reminded me of when we were first dating. It took us 8 years before we were about to marry, what if it takes us 8 more years? She wanted to start over, while waiting to remember again, and I hoped she remember fast.


Jasmine's P.O.V


Zayn bought me snacks and then we walked around the game booths talking and holding hands while he recovered from the first ride. We stopped at a water gun game where the prize was a big giraffe. I nearly squealed when I saw it.
"What? You like the giraffe?" He said in his british accent. He held my hand and gave me his lemonade we got. He then winked at me and sat down waiting for opponents. I saw nervously as Zayn was playing. He was nearly close to losing but at the end he delivered. The bells rand and Zayn got the giraffe. I jumped up and down from excitement running up to him and kissed him. Straight on the lips. I dropped the food and wrapped my arms around him kissing him again. The first time by accident but the second, was meant. He looked at me and blushed.
"You don't remember?" He said and I shrugged
"I may not have my memory back but you're fine, sweet, and stunning. And you got me a giraffe!" I said grabbing the giraffe and walking away to the next ride.

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