Jasmine has everything she wants but most importantly Zayn Malik. For a moment she's in paradise but and unexpected accident ruins it for her and Zayn. Can they regain what they lost?


1. Bliss Of Happiness

Jasmine's P.O.V


Today was the day, I would be Mrs.Malik. I was going to marry Zayn, my best friend, the love of my life. All that was stopping me was this ride to the church. Where in a couple of moments my father would walk me down the isle.

And to think it all happened 8 years ago when he transferred to my high school. He was so cute, confused and lost, no one wanted to help the new kid. Only the girls were interested and to be honest who wouldn't, he was hot. More then hot, he was irresistible with just one look.

So before another bitch offered to help I did.
"Hello I'm Jasmine Bradford, you must be the new transfer student?" I said and he looked down on his school map, bit his lip(very sexy too) and looked up.
"Hmm did you uh say Bradford? I'm from Bradford."
And from there we talked and became best friends. And he took it up a step when on the day of prom he saw no one had asked me to go. He walked up to my house with pizza.
"Just thought we'd have our own fun today." And out of no where pulled out a corsage.
"Jas, I-I eh got you this flower thing." he said once again biting his lip. I giggled and looked at him.
"Don't pretend you don't know what it is." He laughed and sat next to me on my bed, one hand touching my own.
"Will you go to prom with me?"
My face lit up and immediately said"Even if you step on me." He got up and he held the corsage one more time. I hugged him and we shared our first kiss. And now I was on my way to our wedding.
A phone call interrupted my moment of reminiscing. "Zayn?" I said
"You're not ditching are you?" He asked
"Not even in another life time." He laughed and responded,
"Will you dance with me later on?" To which I replied
"Even if I stepp-" But I never finished saying it, there was a loud sound of screeching, a big thud and everything became blurry...



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