Two Worlds Collide

Breanna Stewart was living a normal life in her apartment with her 12-year-old sister, until she met Harry Styles and fell for him. With a normal girl from suburbia and a superstar guy touring the world, two entirely different worlds collide.


8. Someone Who Cares

Harry followed me to the grocery store and walked around with me. "Why are you even staying with me anyway?" I asked him.
He got a huge grin on his face. "Why not?" I hated that answer.
As I was picking up some Ramen noodles, Harry told me, "I think it's really sweet how much you care about your sister."
I looked up at him. "I have to," I replied. "I'm all she has..."
"I don't mean to be all nosy," Harry said, "but why is that exactly?"
I dropped the packages into my basket. "My dad died a few years ago. Then my mom left us. We're just living in an apartment down the street."
He looked stunned. "Oh...I'm so sorry."
Tears stun in my eyes. "I just...I just have to act so tough and strong on the outside for her. But really I'm hurting everytime I see her disappointed because I can't give her something she wants." I started sobbing now.
Harry wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. It didn't matter how weird-feeling it would've been.
A few seconds later, I pulled away and he wiped the tears off my face. "I think you've given her just what she needs," Harry told me. "Someone who cares."
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