Two Worlds Collide

Breanna Stewart was living a normal life in her apartment with her 12-year-old sister, until she met Harry Styles and fell for him. With a normal girl from suburbia and a superstar guy touring the world, two entirely different worlds collide.


39. Maybe We Could Be Friends

An hour later, the boys walked over and opened the front door to three girls. Liam, Zayn, and Louis all kissed their girlfriends, then introduced me to them and walked out with Niall. 

"Well, have fun!" Harry exclaimed. He gave me a quick kiss then ran out the door.

"It's so nice to meet you, Bree!" Liam's girlfriend Danielle said. 

"I'm so glad somebody else is going on tour!" Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend exclaimed. "None of us are going the whole time, but when we're there it's fun to have some girl time!"

I smiled, awkwardly not knowing what to say.

"So, you're engaged to Harry!" Perrie said. "Congrats!"

"Thanks!" I replied. "I'm excited to finally plan my wedding like I've dreamed of my whole life!"

"I know, right?!" Eleanor cried. "What colors do you want?"

"Purple and silver," I answered. Purple was Renee's favorite color...

"Ooo!" Perrie said. "What style of gown so you like?"

"I was thinking a princess gown with a sweetheart neckline and a purple sash," I told her.

"That sounds gorgeous!" Danielle said excitedly. "Can't wait to see it!"

Maybe we could be friends...

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