Two Worlds Collide

Breanna Stewart was living a normal life in her apartment with her 12-year-old sister, until she met Harry Styles and fell for him. With a normal girl from suburbia and a superstar guy touring the world, two entirely different worlds collide.


34. Maybe I'd Be Alright


I woke up the next morning and sat up to see the boys already up and finishing packing.
"You guys don't have to do that, you know!" I told them.
"We're glad to do it!" Zayn replied.
I stood up and looked inside Renee's empty room and started to cry again. Harry wrapped me in his arms from behind me. I turned around and kissed him, then buried my face in his chest.
"She's happy now, Bree," he told me. "And where YOU are is just fine."
I remembered him saying telling me that in the grocery store a while ago. That was when I first tried to kiss him. I smiled.
Harry wiped my tears off my cheeks and kissed me again.
"I love you, Harry," I told him honestly.
"I love you too."
"Wow, we're...getting married..." I said.
Harry smiled. "You'll be my wife!"
"Hey Bree, want some donuts?" Liam called from the other room.
"Yeah! One minute!" I called back. I kissed Harry for about 20 seconds before I started toward the kitchen.
The boys were sitting on the floor where the table once was eating donuts from thr bakery.
"Any jelly?!" I asked smiling.
"You know it!" Niall exclaimed.
I laughed. Maybe I'd be alright...
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