Two Worlds Collide

Breanna Stewart was living a normal life in her apartment with her 12-year-old sister, until she met Harry Styles and fell for him. With a normal girl from suburbia and a superstar guy touring the world, two entirely different worlds collide.


23. Explanations

I took deep breath and opened the door. Renee was standing in the middle of the room. "Bree, I am really sorry I--"
"No." I sighed. "I'm the one who's sorry. I shouldn't be doing that in the first place especially not in front of you."
"I should have told you I was coming!" Renee exclaimed. "It's all my fault."
I wrung my hands together. "I just...I really don't know what to do." I sat down on the couch. "I should be saying, 'You should never do that.' But I just did in front of you...I'm your sister! I'm your guardian! I should be setting good examples!"
"Bree, don't be so hard on yourself," she told me. "You are great at being my sister, and my guardian. It's up to YOU if you want to do that. But I am under your authority, so I know not to do that."
I sighed again. "I just don't--"
"It's just like when you're a little kid and your mom says, 'Youre too young to have coffee', but she drinks it right in front of you," Renee said. "I'm too young to have a boy over and make out--I get it! You didn't do anything wrong! You just drank coffee in front of a kid!"
I smiled. She was the best baby sister ever. "Thanks," I said, hugging her tightly.
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