Two Worlds Collide

Breanna Stewart was living a normal life in her apartment with her 12-year-old sister, until she met Harry Styles and fell for him. With a normal girl from suburbia and a superstar guy touring the world, two entirely different worlds collide.


15. Denny's

Harry led me to the car and started driving with my eyes still shut. "Can I open now? Can I open now? Can I open now?" I asked.
"Not yet," he told me.
"Where are we going? Where are we going? Where are we going?"
"Not telling!" he said.
"Is it Cheescake Factory? Is it Olive Garden? Is it DENNY'S?!"
There was silence.
"It's Denny's, isn't it?" I asked.
"You got me!" Harry confessed.
"How did you know?" I asked, my eyes open now.
"Renee told me," he replied. "She said you'd rather have the pancakes there than wear heels to the fanciest restaurant in the world!"
I smiled. He really went out of his way to take me exactly where I wanted. I'm sure he would've taken me to a fancy one if he hadn't asked Renee, but I was so much happier this way.
Harry pulled up in the parking spot and we strolled inside and sat in a booth across from each other. "I have no idea what to get," he said.
Just then the waitress came to take our orders. "We'll have two plates of chocolate chip pancakes with extra syrup and a side of bacon, extra crisp, and six regular pancake puppies," I rattled off. The waitress scribbled it down and went to the kitchen. Harry looked at me wide eyed. "You really know your Denny's," he laughed.
I shrugged and smiled.
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