Bad Boy

Harry styles imagine:

Melody Smith is a perfectly normal teenage girl.
When her parents get a divorce she is forced to move to Cheshire with her mum
and leave her old life and friends behind.
She thinks she will never have a good life until she starts Holmes chapel school and meets the school bad boy mr Harold styles.
Will he change her life? Or will she change his?


3. Jeydon

He smiled at me and my mum.
Mum stood up and hugged jeydon.
Mum stood on my foot gently. I groaned quietly and stood up to say hi.
I held out my hand to be polite but he raised his eyebrow and pulled me into a hug. I let out a quiet laugh. Wow he certainly wasnt shy.
When we pulled away he smiled at me.
He was about 1 inch taller than me so he wasnt that much taller. "jey why don't you go help melody with her suitcase? Show her to her room!" "alright mum." Jeydon took my hand and led me out of the room and outside to the car.
It all came as a shock to me! He opened the boot of the car and took out both suitcases. "let me help you!" I said. I know how heavy the suitcases are! "no its fine!" He took both suitcases up the stairs. Wow i was impressed...i could hardly lift my own!
He took mums suitcase and put it in his mums room. They he took mine and put it in his room...? What?
I walked into his room looking confused.
"whats wrong melody?"
"i have 3 problems..."
"and they are?"
"ok..first how did you know what suitcase was mine?"
I know it might seem a stupid question but im confused. Mums suitcase was zebra print and mine was tiger print.
"that's easy. Your mum seems laid back so shes the zebra and you seem more feisty."
"why do you say that?"
"its just the way you scowl at your mum when she talks to you."
"oh..." I said quietly feeling slightly embarrassed.
"Anyway...what's your second question?" He asked sweetly.
"Oh am i sleeping?" I said sheepishly. He smirked and said "well im going to make up a bed with the spare mattress soon...but if you prefer to sleep in my bed?" I laughed slightly at that! "No i prefer to sleep on the mattress! But isn't there a spare room down the hall?" "There is...but it's not very warm so mum thought you could sleep in my room if you were comfortable with it!" He said smiling slightly. "Yeah it's ok! I will sleep in here." I said trying to sound confident. "So whats the last question?" "Oh! How do you keep your room so tidy?" "I dunno. I mean what can i say!? I dont like mess!" I smiled at his answer. I was exactly like that!
He sat on the edge of his bed and i sat next to him being careful not to get to close. He didnt care about distance, he put his arm around me and said,
"Now i have a question for you" he smirked.
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