Bad Boy

Harry styles imagine:

Melody Smith is a perfectly normal teenage girl.
When her parents get a divorce she is forced to move to Cheshire with her mum
and leave her old life and friends behind.
She thinks she will never have a good life until she starts Holmes chapel school and meets the school bad boy mr Harold styles.
Will he change her life? Or will she change his?


2. Cheshire

After the long agonising drive we finally arrived in Holmes chapel (Cheshire) at my aunt Megan's house.
The whole journey me and mum hasn't talked. I mean who can blame me?
How would you feel coming home from school and find the house trashed and your parents screaming in eachothers faces? Then having your mum just take you away leaving your dad behind. But then there is the fact of leaving your friends behind and not even getting the chance to say goodbye. It's just like disappearing! Off of the face of the earth.
That's when i snapped back into reality. Mum had parked in the drive and had stopped the car.
She turned to me and put her hand on my knee. I flinched away and looked out the window evoiding eye contact. She sighed deeply then said,

"melody you have every right to be mad at me" "no shit." I mumbled under my breath. "Mind your language!" I rolled my eyes and mum carried on speaking.
"ok your mad but just please be nice to your auntie and cousin." "whatever."
I got out the car and my mum followed me to the front door. She knocked 3 times and after about 5 seconds a slim blonde lady in her 30's opened the door. A huge smile spread across her face when she saw us. She grabbed me into a hug and invited us in. She went into the kitchen to get some drinks.
I sighed as i relaxed back on the soft sofa. "you do remember jeydon right?" "how could I forget?" When we were growing up he wasnt do you say...nice?
He was quite a brat to put it simply.
He would always break my stuff and be very controlling. I didn't like him one bit.
Then my aunt came back in with our drinks. "thanks!" "no problem sweetie! Wow you are growing up so fast! How old are you now?" "15!" "wow! So you and jeydon are the same age. speaking of him have you seen jeydon yet?" "nope." To be honest i didn't want to see him. He's probably a horrible fat controlling bastard by now.
Right on que a! A really hot guy walked in and aunt Megan said, "Jey! There you are!"
Wait...hold up! That's jeydon?! Wow i take back everything i said before! Hes really hot!
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