Is It time to give up? (ON HOLD!!!)

Halle is 13 years old, she loves her horse, Baylie, and lives in the busy city of Manhattan. Halle goes to the best school that money can buy, she has everything she could ever want. But it seems she is missing something. When Halle takes a hard fall, will she ever be able to get back in the saddle? Will she finally find what she is missing? Or will she be forced to give up what she loves the most, her horse, will she move on and find better things?


8. Chapter 8

   So, all you have to do is put them in your ears and turn them on.  The note read. I nodded at the doctor and placed the hearing aids in my ears. I flick the little switch on them, and hear a faint buzzing sound. I shake my head, and it slowly goes away. It's been a few days since I  got out of the hospital. Since then I have learned that I was in a coma for two weeks, and I have started speech therapy and sign classes. My mom signed me up for a deaf school, Jackson Crest, and I will be starting on Monday, just two days away.

   I have learned a little sing language, when I was little I learned the alphabet, so I got to skip that lesson. Right now I'm learning colors, foods, and emergency signs. 

   'Alright, you can go out to see your family' the doctor signs to me. I nod and get up, I thank him and walk back to the waiting area down the hall. When I walk in the room I see my mom sitting in a chair, when she sees me she gets up and walks over to me.

  She hasn't learned any sign language yet, so she just waves her hand and points to the door. It has been a weird few days, not being able to really talk, and not hearing anything. My first night back home, I woke up in the middle of the night and got so scared. I couldn't remember where I was, and I couldn't hear a thing. 

   We got in the car and started driving home. I just stared out the window the whole time, it's not like I could do much. I can't hear the radio, or talk to my mom. Even if she did know how to sign. We pulled up to our house and as soon as the car came to a halt I jumped out and ran inside, straight to my room.

   I pulled my phone out, and texted Kandy. I had told her what happened, she couldn't believe it. But we haven't been talking much now. She was always out with some one else.

   <TO:KANDY><FROM:HALLE> Hey, so I went 2 the doc 2day.. got my hearin aids and finally finished all the ppr wrk 4 my new skool. Kinda scary!

  I grabbed my laptop and sat down on my bed. I logged onto this website my signing instructor recommended for me. It taught me how to sign things. I was practicing for a few minutes when Madison walked in my room.

  She waves at me and sits on the end of my bed. I nod at her, and she slowly starts finger spelling things.

  'Mom wants to know what you want for dinner.' 

  I think, tacos. I try to remember what the sign was. Finally I remember. I finger spell it then show her what the sign is. She nods her head and smiles. She likes learning sign language, she thinks it's cool to talk without using your voice.

  She walks out of my room and downstairs. I place my laptop back on my desk and walk to my closet, I stare at my riding clothes. I don't know if I will be able to ride, I mean can a deaf person ride? Why can't they? I just wouldn't be able to hear my instructor, which is something I really need. I go over to my school bag and look in it. I have everything I need to start my new school on Monday. I am so anxious, I mean I will be there new girl, and I hardly know sing language. What if people make fun of me because I can't sign?

   I sit there, thinking about everything I will never be able to do again. I won't be able to hear the birds in the morning, I will never be able to listen to music, and I had just pre-ordered the One Direction Red Nose charity single. I will never hear any one's voice, never be able to hear ever again.

   I start crying, something I have been doing a lot of lately. I just can't deal with the fact that my whole life will never be the same, I have to learn a new language, go to a new school, and I can hardly talk right now. How am I supposed to live the rest of my life being deaf? I have so many things that I wanted to do, and they involved hearing things. Now I can't do them, because of that stupid fall. Maybe if I hadn't ridden Harmony I wouldn't have fallen. She was acting like such a mare that day, if Baylie hadn't gone lame I probably wouldn't be deaf. So many little things that I could have done different would have prevented this. I had no clue that this would ever happen, never had I dreamed of it. I mean who would? Dream of being deaf, never hearing anything. It's like you're living in a nightmare, and you can never wake up.

    That's all I want to do right now, wake up. Wake up from this horrible dream, and find out that everything is okay. But that won't happen. I will stay like this forever. 

   I get up and walk to my bathroom, I look in the mirror and see that my face is red, with tear streaks. I quickly wash my face with cool water then lay down in my bed. I just want to wake up, please.

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