Is It time to give up? (ON HOLD!!!)

Halle is 13 years old, she loves her horse, Baylie, and lives in the busy city of Manhattan. Halle goes to the best school that money can buy, she has everything she could ever want. But it seems she is missing something. When Halle takes a hard fall, will she ever be able to get back in the saddle? Will she finally find what she is missing? Or will she be forced to give up what she loves the most, her horse, will she move on and find better things?


6. Chapter 6

   "Our song on the radio but it don't sound the same!" I sing as I prance down the aisle towards Harmony's stall. Checking to make sure she is awake, I open the door and slide in.

   "Hey gurly!" I say to her. She tosses her head. I laugh and grab my grooming supplies. Quickly, I skim the body brush on her body. I quickly pick her hooves and finish grooming her. I slide a pad onto her back and run to the tack room to grab one of my saddles and a bridle. I scurry back to Harmony and throw everything on her.  I double check to make sure the girth is tight and then lead her out of the stall.

  I walk to the arena and mount her. Feeling the breeze through my hair feels great, I click my tongue and urge her forward with my legs. We start out at a slow trot, I easily post to it. I take her through a few figure eights, making them smaller and smaller. Finally I let her out into a well collected canter, she tosses her head and asks for more rein. I slow her back to a trot, we are just warming up, she can't get so crazy already. I sit back and slowly trot around the arena. 

  Soon everyone is in the arena, and we are ready to start the lesson.

  "Okay, Halle you can take the course we designed last week. Harmony is a good horse so you should have no problem with her." I nod and turn Harmony around. Pushing her forward she goes into a canter and I point her at the jump. She takes it with ease, jumping at the right time, tucking her legs in perfectly. We turn to the next jump and I make sure I do a bigger fold this time. We land and take off for the next jump moments later. I can feel it when we take off, that we were going to knock the jump. And sure enough I hear the pole tumble down. I sigh and regain myself, but Harmony on the other hand got irritated. She tossed her her head and went faster, determined to get the next jump right. I fought with her to make her go slower, I was to concerned with her speed that I didn't do a big enough fold. I slight stood in the saddle, losing a stirrup. 

  I try to get the stirrup back, but Harmony goes faster. Getting into a slow gallop, now I can't really be concerned with the speed until we finish the course. We take a few more jumps when we are finally done. Harmony is doing a full blown fast gallop, I have to circle her a few times to get her to a slow canter. That jump really messed her up. 

  Soon we were doing a very slow trot, and we headed back to the group. "She seemed to get feisty after she clipped that rail. But you kept her under control for the most part." Coach Lane told me. The other girls took the course, not making too many faults, and it was our turn to jump again.

  "Okay, you can do the red barrels, to the orange oxer, then the blue vertical, and finish on the sixes." She said. I nodded and circled Harmony, making sure she was okay, then letting her go towards the jump. When we were a few strides away she started getting faster. I squeezed my legs to her sides and big a huge fold. I nearly fell onto her shoulders, I pushed myself up and pulled back on the reins. The orange oxer came up in no time, Harmony stopped before the jump, the flung herself over it. I nearly came out of the saddle, she was really working on my nerves. When the blue vertical came up she did a little buck. I held on tightly to the reins, and pulled back hard. But she wouldn't listen, she started running towards the jump. I tugged hard on the left rein, trying to get her away from the jump. She was going way too fast, but she wouldn't listen. I made a fist and pulled as hard as I could, she turned her head, but pulled it back and went even faster. 

    We were just a stride away and I knew I couldn't do anything to slow her. I practically laid down on her neck, but that didn't  save me. My left foot came out of the stirrup and my leg flew up. I tried to hold on but she started bucking. My hands came off the reins and I was flying through the air. I couldn't process what was happening. I hit the ground, I could hear Harmony's hooves pounding on the ground. I get so dizzy, everything was spinning. My head hurt so bad, I couldn't faintly hear someone scream. Everything went dark, and I couldn't hear a thing.

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